Hannan Says Au Revoir to EU


Invariably polite that Dan Hannan…

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65% of Tory MEPs Want to Keep Their Jobs


Daniel Hannan reckons “If you think about it, having even 5 for out is telling. How bad must the EU be to merit giving up such cushy jobs?”

You can see why so many True Blues vote UKIP in the Euro-elections…

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Hannan & Carswell Share Joke

Guido chuckled today when he came across a video of Daniel Hannan regaling an ASI audience with a joke about canvassing back in 2009. It’s a joke which Guido has heard the Tory MEP tell before. However in a remarkably improbable coincidence, a clip has been unearthed of Douglas Carswell telling the exact same joke six years later. Guido thinks Hannan tells it better…

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The Renegotiation Farce
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“Trickle-Down Economics” is a Zombie Left-Wing Fantasy

Dan Hannan debunks a tiresome leftie internet myth, with graphs and everything…

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EU Sock Puppets Revealed

Earlier in the week when “Universities UK” said it was essential that the UK stayed in the EU, Guido smelt a rat. Sure enough, they are in the pay of the EU. Dan Hannan has produced this new video showing who gets those €uros. The sock puppets range from the CBI to Friends of the Earth, who then speak up for the gravy train continuing. Quelle surprise….

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