Clive Lewis Would Vote to Abolish the Monarchy
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Clive Lewis Promises to Hold Another Referendum

Flagging leadership contender Clive Lewis is attempting to pick up the Corbyinite republican vote, not by refusing to sing the national anthem or kneel for the Queen, instead by offering the public a referendum on whether or not to abolish the British Monarchy. Because referendums are so popular right not. Although who’s to say he would respect the outcome if he disagreed with it…

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Clive Lewis Gives Corbyn 6/10

A significant discrepancy with RLB’s 10/10 mark yesterday…

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Clive Lewis Mocks Suicide In The Chamber


Clive Lewis was filmed mocking violent suicide in the House of Commons chamber this afternoon during the Finance Bill debate. This will not go down well…

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Denial of Anti-Semitism is Normalised on Labour Fringe

Multiple Labour fringe events are to be addressed by the union boss who suggested the Labour anti-Semitism row was ‘created’ by Israel.

“Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’ll tell you what – one of the best forms of trying to hide from the atrocities that you are committing is to go on the offensive and to actually create a story that does not exist for people on this platform, the trade union movement or, I have to say, for the leader of the Labour Party.”

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the PCS Union, who publicly insinuated anti-semitism is “a story that does not exist” in the Labour Party, will be speaking at:

  • Labour and Palestine’s ‘Speaking Up for Palestine’ alongside Len McCluskey and Richard Burgon.
  • CLASS’s ‘Review Of The Year’ alongside Owen Jones and Clive Lewis.
  • Public and Commercial Services Union’s ‘Social Security Under a Labour Government – What Would Need To Change’, alongside John McDonnell.

Labour are normalising people who deny that their anti-semitism problem exists. This shouldn’t be considered normal…

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Runners & Riders: Standards Committee Chair

Standards Committee Chair Sir Kevin Baron resigned yesterday citing his frustration with the lack of transparency in Parliamentary investigations. Thankfully there are a good number in Parliament who are experienced in the field of standards investigations. As ever, Guido brings you the most experienced runners and riders to take on this auspicious role…

  • Keith Vaz: On the two year anniversary of the formal investigation being opened into his conduct, who else has more experience of standards investigations? His litany of misadventures is like that of no other MP. Vaz seems to be the clearly most experienced for the post.
  • Jared O’Mara: Although new to parliament O’Mara has already made a big impact. A rising star who the Standards Committee will already know well.
  • Damian Green: Time on his hands now he’s out of the cabinet. Very driven. Hard worker.
  • Stephen Crabb: Gets on very well with potential staff. Too well.
  • Debbie Abrahams: Sacked from the front bench after bullying allegations. On the look out for a new job…
  • Dan Poulter: Experienced with disciplinary investigations. Plenty of hands on experience.
  • Ian Paisley Jr: Despite his 30 day parliamentary suspension beginning yesterday, he would be a perfect fit for the role. Once he returns to work.
  • John Bercow: Had promised to retire from his current job by now. Knows how to get away with all sorts of shenanigans. He acts like a shop steward already…
  • Clive ‘On Your Knees Bitch’ Lewis: Erudite, used to complaints, and out of favour with his party leadership after he and Owen Jones appeared to be manoeuvring to oust Corbyn last year. He has enough time on his hands…
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