Chuka’s Think Tank Running Out of Cash

Progressive Centre UK – the Think Tank Chuka Umunna chairs for £5,000 a month – appears to be in danger of going bust, putting Chuka’s very quality of life at risk. How can a man be expected to survive on a mere £80,000 MP wage…

According to their most recent annual report, the think tank is now worth less than £2,500 – with just £1,337 ‘cash at bank and in hand’. Perhaps the donors have tired of funding what is effectively Chuka’s own fan club. Three recent exciting events have all featured Chuka; at LibDem conference there was a chance to hear an interview with Chuka, listen to Chuka on “the causes of Brexit” and learn from him about being “progressive”. All reminiscent of Gordon Brown’s personal think tank, the John Smith Institute. There are however no upcoming events planned.

The centrist dad of the think tank world has faced criticism they’ve u-turned on their promise to publish their annual list of donors, supporters and partners. Normally this secrecy would raise eyebrows, but by the looks of things, Progressive Centre don’t actually have any donors…

Lib Dems’ New Shameless Leaflet Claims

Lib Dem leaflets famously always stretch the truth as far as they can. However this year’s cohort of letterbox literature includes a whole new level of post-truth statements. Makes tuition fees pale into insignificance…

Despite only just defecting from the Tories, Phillip Lee’s leaflets have performed a Stalinist erasure of his recent right-wing past. The leaflet implies the election is a close choice between the Tories and the LibDems, despite the LibDems coming 24,000 votes behind John Redwood in 2017, and 6,000 behind Labour.Moving over to Streatham, the Lib Dems hilariously try and explain that their current “popular local Lib Dem MP” – yes, that is Chuka Umunna they’re referring to – is “moving on at the next election”.

They fail to mention he’s carpetbagging over to the seat of Westminster because he doesn’t stand a chance of winning in his current seat when voters finally get their say…

Chuka Calls Lib Dem Policy ‘Patronising’

Chuka took to breakfast TV screens early this morning (clearly having avoided last night’s singalong) to declare that “one thing I think you acknowledge, I’ve always wanted to stop Brexit, and that’s been the goal.”

… which would come as a surprise to the Chuka of August 2016 who declared “I don’t think [stopping Brexit] would be a good look for Parliament, the people have spoken. I think it would be rather patronizing to pretend that somehow we know better.”

Another whopping dishonest U-Turn from the Lib Dems…

Carpetbagging Chuka Abandons Streatham for Westminster

Kevin Schofield is reporting that Labour-turned-Change UK-turned-Independent-turned-Lib Dem MP Chuka Umunna is abandoning his Labour safe seat of Streatham for the more marginal Westminster seat – currently held by Tory MP Mark Field with a 3,000 majority. The Lib Dems came 3rd there last time…

In a statement, Chuka has said:

“I’m delighted to have been appointed as the @LibDems candidate for the Cities of London & Westminster. I relish the prospect of ensuring the constituency – which is a global symbol for open, liberal values– is represented by a party and an MP who will be true to those values.”

Streatham Lib Dems Disown Chuka

It’s been almost seven weeks since Chuka abandoned a heartbroken Anna Soubry for the Lib Dems. So a co-conspirator was surprised to receive a Streatham Lib Dems leaflet this morning not only making no mention of Streatham’s new Lib Dem MP but even featuring a lengthy section with the previous Lib Dem PPC for Streatham – who’s been unceremoniously shunted out as a result. Local activists not universally enthused by their new golden boy?

Anna Soubry’s Chuka Heartbreak

Poor Anna Soubry. She’s lost influence, friends, and will probably lose her seat.

She has poured her heart out to ITV’s Paul Brand “we made some terrible mistakes over leadership and I can tell you now that the problem was was that Chuka wouldn’t step up to it. And if Chuka had stepped up to it he would have been our leader, it was certainly …well I always assumed it was absolutely going to happen. 

Paul Brand: Why do you think he didn’t?
Anna Soubry: You’d have to ask him that but he does have history of not stepping up. Very sad because he… to me he was absolutely the future for our country. I genuinely believe that, I wouldn’t have left my party if I hadn’t believed that.

PB: Were you trying to persuade him to stand as leader?
AS: Good God, yes. Goodness me yes. He should have been our leader and he wasn’t and then after the EU elections which were a terrific blow of course they were you don’t give up at the first hurdle, for God’s sakes.

PB: How did you feel when he joined the Lib Dems?
AS: I think he made a terrible mistake. I was genuinely really sad about that. For me it personally hurt, it really did hurt. I thought he was my big buddy. He was a major part of why I left the Tory party. To start something new with him as the leader, I don’t want to be the bloody leader I genuinely believe that Chuka Umunna should be prime minister of our country and had the – just what we were needing to be a great prime minister. I genuinely believe that. 

PB: Have you spoken to him since he joined the Lib Dems?
AS: Unfortunately, he has never called. He has never called me. Which I think is very sad. 

PB: The friendship’s sort of broken down then?
AS: Very sad. Very sad.
We have exchanged emails but you now, you sort of, well I won’t go into it all but …

Watch her heartbreaking ITV interview in full and hold back your tears…

Sour Soubry Sears Chuka

There’s evidently no love lost between former best buddies Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna after their highly acrimonious Change UK breakup. Soubry’s kicked off the airing of the dirty laundry with a searing attack on her onetime comrade after he declared that he would be a Lib Dem “until the day I die”. Try not to shed a tear… of laughter.

Soubry’s hardly one for keeping promises herself but she’s got Chuka bang to rights here…

Friday Caption Contest (Who’s The Boss Edition)

Entries in the comments…

Chuka Changes Tack: ‘We Are Going To Need To Revoke Article 50’

Seeminly Chuka read this piece on Sky, panicked, and changed tack over the course of the last couple of days in a desperate move for Change UK to become relevant. He told Sky’s Lewis Goodall  that he was against outright revocation just three days ago…

“Had one of the Remain forces campaigned for revoke, then a People’s Vote might seem more palatable. But Chuka Umunna tells me afterwards, they won’t do it because it’s unreasonable and that’s just not them.”

Desperate times…

Chuka-Festo Launched

Chuka has launched his own 50-page “progressive manifesto” today, setting out his vision for the future of the country. Chuka insists that he is only putting them forward in his “personal capacity” and not as leader spokesman of the TIGgers…

There’s plenty of cuddly centrist ideas like a specific NHS-tax and nationalising “public benefit companies” without embracing full-on renationalisation, which Chuka says would be a “waste of money”. What will Anna Soubry think of his more lefty policies like hiking taxes on shareholders?

Guido is not sure the hordes of europhile youths will be quite so keen on Chuka when they see what he has to say about tuition fees. Chuka rejects the “simplistic policy of scrapping all fees” as “wasting money”. Self-obsessed millennials probably won’t like the sound of his “Citizens’ Service” either…

There’s also lots of talk about overhauling “parliament’s culture and ways of working”, and Chuka confirms that he still wants to ban PMQs after his Twitter rants over the past few weeks. Would he really be saying that if he was currently leader of the Labour Party…?

Chuka also wants to abolish the physical House of Commons and replace it with one of the dire “horseshoe” shaped Parliaments they have in the EU. Unsurprisingly he also wants votes at 16 and the adoption of a form of proportional representation. It’ll only be a small step from there to the endless turgid coalition politics of the continent where everything is stitched up in backroom deals and voters are even more disconnected from the political class…

Even more problematic is Chuka’s proposal for state funding for political parties. How is this ever going to be divided up? Do parties get more funding if they’re larger, thus cementing their dominance. Or do buckets of taxpayers’ cash get handed over to fringe parties to give the likes of Gerard Batten’s UKIP the chance to bring far right views further into the mainstream? Whatever the issues with funding in politics, getting the state to decide how to hand it out is the worst possible solution…

TIGger Staff Exodus?

Some of the staffers of TIGger MPs seem to be unhappy with their boss’ decision to quit their respective parties. Both Chuka and Sarah Wollaston are advertising for new staff members in London, just weeks after having formed The Independent Group. Staffers are employed by individual MPs, so if an MP defects their staff have the tricky decision whether to stay or go…

In Chuka’s case, two of the six staffers he employed before he defected were paid for by external sources, one by an organisation called ‘Streatham Campaigns Ltd’, and one by the Labour Party. Hardly surprising Chuka has to advertise for more…

Rich’s Monday Morning View

Chuka Uses the Royal We

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