Record Half-Billion Pound Payout for Rishi’s Eco-Loon-Backing Ex-Boss

Co-conspirators struggling with the cost of living might want to click away.

Billionaire Sir Chris Hohn has just raked in a staggering £575 million in dividends – the biggest ever payout enjoyed by a UK individual. Now, this wouldn’t be of note – Guido isn’t in the business of wealth-based grievance politics – were it not for Hohn’s extra-curricular antics. Sir Chris is the biggest individual backer of Extinction Rebellion, bunging it an estimated £200,000. Road closures are all well and good when you can afford to avoid them…

With £575 million, Sir Chris could contribute to a range of causes. He could plant millions of trees, cover the WHO’s malaria vaccine roll-out in 10 African countries or expand free school meal coverage to 1.1 million more children. Instead, he’s paying for oat-milk-drinking interpretative dancers to prance in Trafalgar Square and glue themselves to classical art. Hohn’s penchant for spending is less surprising considering the company he keeps. He used to be Rishi Sunak’s boss.

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