Ferguson & Pagel Repent Scaremongering, Starmer & Communist Michie Silent

Expert activists and hyper-political scientists from Independent SAGE¬†told us time and time again that the NHS would be over-run and cases would hit 100,000 per day if the UK opened up on July 19, Ferguson went as far as saying we could be at 200,000 cases by now. Professor “Pantsdown” himself, Neil Ferguson has now corrected himself and admitted he was wrong to be so certain, “hard-line-centristChristine Pagel has also admitted she was wrong – she had claimed she was backed by science and Boris was being ideological. No such mea culpa has been heard from politicians like Keir Starmer, or the political professors like the communist on the SAGE committee, Susan Michie. Broadcast media amplified their hysterical predictions which have now been shown to be false, will they take future predictions with a pinch of salt?

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BBC Six O’Clock News Expert is Boris Hating, Brexit Bashing, Remain Campaigning, Hardline Centrist

The main BBC News at Six last night rightly focused on the number of deaths during this pandemic. It featured an interview with Professor Christina Pagel, Professor of Operational Research at UCL. She was introduced as such rather than as a Labour member and supporter, before she launched into a tirade about how the majority of deaths were avoidable, blaming the PM. How very BBC…

Guido took a quick look at her tweets, they reveal she is passionately anti-Boris, was a fanatical remain campaigner and re-joined the Labour Party only to get rid of Corbyn and get Starmer in. She claimed hysterically that a WTO Brexit would kill Britons. She claims that Boris hates women, the poor and immigrants. The first claim seems manifestly contrary to the evidence. Guido has highlighted the covert communists the BBC uses as expert talking heads, the closet Tories, and now the hardline centrists cloaking their prejudices under “academic expertise“. The BBC needs to consistently introduce these “experts” noting their partisan leanings or else it is deceiving the viewers about the impartiality of their sources…

UPDATE:  Pagel is a member of the phoney Independent SAGE.

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