Chris Williamson to Stand as Independent

Williamson has resigned from the Labour Party in the hope that he will be able to retain his Derby North seat as an independent. He won it back from the Tories in 2017 with a majority of 2,015. This move could help the Tories take it back again…

Chris Williamson Loses High Court Battle to be Readmitted into Labour Party


Contrary to his buoyant and optimistic mood at Labour Conference, Chris Williamson has lost his High Court bid to be reinstated to the Labour Party after he was suspended over allegations of Antisemitism.

The defeat is in spite of raising over £60,000 from supportive donors to fight the battle. Money well spent…

The judge did in fact rule that the Labour Party acted unlawfully when it reopened the disciplinary case against Williamson, yet did not overturn the MP’s suspension. The Labour Party psychodrama continues rolling on…

Williamson Anticipates Readmission into Labour

Speaking to Chris Williamson in Brighton, Guido has learnt his court case against his former party will be ruled on this week, in which he anticipates a victorious result. He said he would then expect readmission into the Labour Party days after…

The MP’s case – whose ruling will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s ruling on Boris’s prorogation this Monday – was launched against the Labour Party in August, following his second suspension for comments about Labour’s antisemitism crisis in June 2019. Guido is looking forward to him speaking alongside fellow expellee Jackie Walker this evening

The news comes alongside a fractious day at Labour conference, following multiple attacks of the Labour Against the Witchhunt stall, a knife attack of the LAW poster and a retaliatory punching of one of their opponents. Williamson’s readmission is hardly likely to cool down tensions…

UPDATE: Looks like some top Corbynista’s aren’t waiting for Williamson’s readmission before getting friendly. Laura Pidcock has just been spotted having a catch up…

Labour’s Anti-Semitic Conference Line-Up

A party’s conference is their opportunity to allow members to debate policy, market their party to donors, and show the public the best of what their party has to offer. The Labour party are ensuring they tick this last box this year with a number of very questionable fringe events this year, featuring Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson.

Labour conference-goers can also look forward to a “Labour Against the Witchhunt” meeting with Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker. The problem for Labour is surely within their party these views are no longer fringe…

Chris Williamson Speaks in Carpark Alongside Notorious Tony Greenstein

Yesterday, Guido reported on the farce of Chris Williamson’s Brighton event being cancelled three times by venue hosts once they learnt of his vile brand of politics. Eventually however, Williamson’s loony followers did find a venue to hear him speak… A car park. 

Guido’s co-conspirators who went along found that it wasn’t just Williamson speaking in Regency Square, he also shared a platform with the notorious Tony Greenstein, someone Guido readers will remember for being expelled from Labour after using the term “Zio“, ranting about “Zionist scum” and saying “Gay Zionists make me want to puke“.

If Labour were hoping Williamson would use his period in the wilderness to change his ways, they’ve got a long wait yet…

Chris Williamson’s Brighton Event Cancelled a Third Time

Chris Williamson is getting a taste of the hard-left’s own medicine after finding himself repeatedly ‘No Platformed’ – his talk scheduled for tonight in Brighton has now been cancelled by a third separate venue. Turns out even leftie Brighton doesn’t want to hear Williamson’s bile…

Following the cancellation of his event by both the Brighthelm Centre and Holiday Inn, Williamsonistas developed a cunning plan to ensure the event went ahead this evening – keeping the venue secret. In an Eventbrite update this morning, attendees were told:

To prevent the sort of vile abuse that staff at the previous venues suffered, we will email you – and all registrants – precise details of the city-centre venue (five minutes from The Clock Tower) an hour or so before Chris is due to start speaking.

Devastatingly for Williamson’s band of diehard devotees, the secret venue booked – the Quaker Meetinghouse – realised the identity of the person they were to host and also cancelled half an hour ago:

Brighton taking more decisive action on chronic anti-Semitism than the Labour Party…

Chris Williamson Expelled from MP of the Year Awards

People going to vote for the Patchwork Foundation’s MP of the Year Award this year were somewhat surprised to find none other than Chris Williamson as one of the nominees. The award is meant for MPs who have done their bit to stand up for disadvantaged and underrepresented communities. To be fair, Williamson has been a robust defender of anti-Semites…

However, it wasn’t to be and Williamson had to inform his heartbroken followers that his nomination had been vetoed. True to form, they’re already calling it a “witch hunt” and blaming it on “Hodge and her gang”, theforces working against you”, “#Zionists”, and “the cult”. Birds of a feather…

One Third of Labour MPs Want Chris Williamson Expelled from the PLP, Here’s the List of MPs Who Don’t

According to the Jewish Chronicle “Labour MPs who did not sign letter to remove Williamson whip have nowhere to hide”. Send updates here.

UPDATE: Labour press office is briefing that Williamson’s “whip is not restored as the decision is still pending”. Meanwhile Labour MPs have demanded the whip be removed. Most Labour MPs are still keeping quiet until they know what the correct line is…

UPDATE II: It seems Keith Vaz, who was on the panel that voted to re-admit Chris Williamson, now says his decision should be reviewed. Slippery as hell. He thought Corbyn wanted him back, now realises it was a bit too problematic, so reverse ferrets.

90 Labour MPs and Peers Call for Corbyn to Strip Whip from Chris Williamson

Over 60 Labour MPs and 30 peers including deputy leader Tom Watson have issued a statement calling for Jeremy Corbyn to remove the whip from Chris Williamson “immediately”. Despite a highly irregular Labour NEC panel overturning his suspension as a member of the Labour Party, it is still up to Corbyn whether he retains the Labour whip in Parliament. Will Corbyn act? Will the MPs act if he doesn’t?

At least they’re taking it more seriously than Lincoln MP Karen Lee who wrote that she was “absolutely chuffed to bits” with the news Williamson had been reinstated in a now deleted Facebook post. You couldn’t make it up:

UPDATE: Now over 70 Labour Party staffers have written to General Secretary Jennie Formby to protest Williamson’s reinstatement. They have called for an immediate review and the implementation of a “truly independent complaints process”.

Read both letters in full below:

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Chris Williamson Suspension Panel Member’s Passionate Corbyn Palestine Rant

The fallout from Labour’s decision to re-admit Chris Williamson to the party continues this morning – countless Labour MPs have come out overnight to express their incredulity at the decision. Actions speak louder than words, many of them like Louise Haigh still went out to campaign for Lisa Forbes in Peterborough and then welcome her to Parliament even after her “Zionist slave masters” rants were revealed. Corbyn’s Labour has been here so many times before, MPs’ Williamson protestations are nothing more than hot air without serious action this time…

Williamson’s suspension was lifted after a three-person NEC panel overruled advice from party officials yesterday. One of the three was Huda Elmi – predictably she’s already been uncovered ranting about Corbyn and Palestine by the indefatigable Iggy Ostanin. She’s close to tears as she calls Israel a settler-colonialist state and accuses institutions like the IMF and the World Bank – “who literally have money stained with blood” – of trying to bring down Jeremy Corbyn and not respecting “Jeremy’s mandate”. Labour have serious questions to answer over how they thought she was remotely an appropriate person to be sitting on a disciplinary panel judging cases like Williamson’s…

Labour Re-Admit Chris Williamson

True to form, the Labour Party have lifted the suspension of the notorious Chris Williamson after just four months. PoliticsHome is reporting that NEC members overruled Labour Party officials to lift his suspension: “by a three-person NEC panel on anti-semitism, despite a recommendation from party staff that he be referred to the next stage of Labour’s disciplinary process.” He-who-must-not-be-named is back with just a “formal warning”…

Williamson was suspended in February after a litany of anti-Semitic incidents, far from showing any remorse he’s continue to embroil himself in regular controversy ever since then. Labour’s deadline for MPs to apply for re-selection is fast approaching, the Labour leadership have evidently decided that they want Williamson back. 38 Labour MPs signed a letter to Jennie Formby demanding Williamson was suspended back in February. Will they stand up against him now or just send a tweet, then turn a blind eye?

UPDATE: Former Labour MP Ian Austin, who quit the party in protest at anti-Semitism, says Labour has been “poisoned under Jeremy Corbyn”:

“It is a complete disgrace that Chris Williamson, who has caused huge offence to Jewish people, is let off with just a warning. This shows the extent to which a party which had such a proud record of fighting racism has been poisoned under Jeremy Corbyn. The only question is when decent Labour MPs will finally say enough is enough and do something about it.”

It is the key question. When will they act, rather than just talk?

UPDATE: Margaret Hodge says “Ignoring Chris Williamson’s vile track record of antisemitism just for a vote is disgusting! He should have been kicked out of the party for good months ago.”

UPDATE: The Jewish Labour Movement says the “decision stinks”:

UPDATE: Wes Streeting says:

“It beggars belief that Chris Williamson has been readmitted to the Labour Party given his pattern of behaviour on antisemitism. It doesn’t suggest that those taking decisions are taking the EHRC investigation seriously.

“The decision about whether the Labour whip is restored is a decision for Jeremy Corbyn. Restoring the whip will be received as a punch in the stomach to many Jewish members who’ve stayed to fight antisemitism and will reinforce fears that he doesn’t take antisemitism seriously.”

Williamson’s Anti-Semitism Hypnosis Attempt Backfires

Fair to say that Chris Williamson’s attempts to use some weird hand signals to convince the crowd that Labour anti-Semitism has improved under Corbyn don’t succeed. It’s not the audience that have blinkers on…

H/t Corbyn in the Times

Jewish Voice for Labour Chair Dismisses Anti-Semitism as “Form of Coup” Against Corbyn

Jenny Manson, the Chair of fringe group Jewish Voice for Labour, has launched into a Chris Williamson-style attack on the anti-Semitism storm which continues to rock the Labour Party. Manson dismissed allegations of anti-Semitism as a “form of coup” by Labour MPs who are attempting to “split the party”, while pointing the finger at Tom Watson and Margaret Hodge for their “endless criticism of Jeremy Corbyn”. She accuses her own party’s MPs of using anti-Semitism as a “whip” against Jeremy Corbyn…

Jewish Voice for Labour is closely aligned with Labour Against the Witchhunt, the group founded by suspended Labour hardliner Jackie Walker, which is currently running a campaign to reinstate Chris Williamson. When the Tories suspended 14 members yesterday for Islamophobia they directly told them not to arrange any gathering which “purports to portray or appears to be connected in any way with the Conservative Party”Yet suspended Labour anti-Semites are still happily running around holding events and setting up campaigns under the Labour banner…

On the day that the Jewish Labour Movement is deciding whether to disaffiliate from the Labour Party after 99 years, it speaks volumes that Corbynistas like Jenny Manson are still being given free rein to attack Labour MPs for calling out anti-Semitism while fresh controversies are uncovered on an almost daily basis about how the party leadership itself has been obstructing and interfering in investigations. Maybe that’s not such a surprise given Corbyn himself backed a motion to disaffiliate JLM’s predecessor from the Labour Party almost 35 years ago…

Friday Caption Contest (Lurking Problem Edition)

The lucky winner of today’s Caption Contest will receive a signed copy of Dr Kristian Niemietz’s brand new book: Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies. It’s already the top selling book in Amazon’s ‘Socialism’ category…[…] Read the rest


More Local Labour Parties Jump on Pro-Chris Williamson Bandwagon

Both Hackney North and Sheffield Hallam have doubled down on Chris Williamson’s assertion that the Labour Party has been “too apologetic” in dealing with its anti-Semitism crisis.

Diane Abbott’s Constituency Labour Party passed a motion asserting “it is a scandal that we are allowing ourselves to be branded as a racist party” and urged the leadership to issue a statement “rejecting the accusation that the Labour Party is in any way ‘institutionally racist'”.[…] Read the rest


Owen Jones ‘Disappears’ Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson became unceremoniously unpersoned by Owen Jones in a sly re-writing of history on one of his Medium blog posts defending the hard left. True Politburo style…

In an original version of a Medium article he wrote, Jones lauded the left-wing politicians, “Chris Williamson, Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis among them” who are “subjected to relentless online pile-ons from both Tory and Labour MPs and hostile commentators.”

One of those examples has mysteriously disappeared.[…] Read the rest


Jackie Walker Shares More Anti-Semitic Imagery While Defending Chris Williamson

Jackie Walker spent most of yesterday evening vigorously defending now suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson from the half-hearted actions of the Labour Party, just days after she shared yet another arguably anti-Semitic image on her Facebook profile. The big hook nosed image is a standard trope..[…] Read the rest


Chris Williamson Suspended From the Labour Party

A Labour Party spokesperson has confirmed that Chris Williamson has finally been “suspended from the party, and therefore the whip, pending investigation.” They took their time…[…] Read the rest


Chris Williamson Urged Corbyn to Confront Those Who Called Out Anti-Semitism

Chris Williamson’s latest outburst about Labour anti-Semitism is certainly nothing new – Guido has unearthed comments made by Chris Williamson at a ‘Labour Against the Witch Hunt’ fringe event at Labour Party conference this year. Their own report of the event is titled “They can f*ck off”.[…] Read the rest


Chris Williamson Plays Down Labour Anti-Semitism in Apology

Chris Williamson has finally caved to calls for an apology for his comments alleging that the Labour Party has been “too apologetic” about anti-Semitism within its ranks.

“I deeply regret, and apologise for, my recent choice of words when speaking about how the Labour Party has responded to the ongoing fight against anti-Semitism inside of our party.”

But within his apology Williamson played down the level of anti-Semitism in the party, alleging that “there have been very few cases of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.” This will come as a surprise to Jewish MPs and members of the Labour Party who have been on the receiving end of torrents of abuse…

Senior figures in the Labour Party are calling for far more than an apology.[…] Read the rest


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