Julia Hartley-Brewer Furiously Clashes With Chris Williamson Over Hamas

Julia Hartley-Brewer and arch-Corbynite former Labour MP Chris Williamson have had a mega 15-minute spat this afternoon on Julia’s TalkTV show over Israel/Palestine. Alongside the usual Hamas apologist lines Williamson claimed the “zionist entity” is responsible for “spurning” peace and Israel is “worse than Nazis actually in some respects“. Hartley-Brewer was having none of it and came back swinging. The clip’s worth a watch…

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Livingstone Fails In High Court Challenge to EHRC

Disgraced local politician Ken Livingstone and ex-councillor Pam Bromley have withdrawn their High Court challenge to the EHRC’s landmark 2020 Labour antisemitism report. The doors of the last chance saloon have firmly closed for Livingstone…

It is worth remembering some of its findings, such as:

  • The Labour Party, through its agents, committed harassment against its members in relation to Jewish ethnicity in the case of two individuals, Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley.
  • Labour “at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it.
  • The Leader of the Opposition’s Office interfered in the decision to investigate a second complaint against Ken Livingstone.

Communist crackpot and former Labour MP Chris Williamson helped set up a “left fighting fund” to challenge the technical procedures of the EHRC and therefore undermine it. After the Campaign Against Antisemitism intervened in the High Court with the support of the EHRC that claim has been withdrawn. Everyone paid their own legal costs. Which crank will they fund now?

No amendments will be made to the report of course. The CAA had intervener status in the case and celebrates that the “EHRC report is now unimpeachable and every finding in it stands, final and binding, including those about Mr Livingstone’s and Ms Bromley’s conduct.” Damned.

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Loony Ex-Labour MPs Humiliated in Birmingham

The Birmingham by-election was boring for both the Tories and Labour, on election night and the run-up. The only minor excitement leading up to last night was the prospect of the online commie left being humiliated again. This time their pet project was Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Dave Nellist – a former militant Labour MP expelled in 1991. He was backed by both Chris Williamson and Thelma Walker, who co-conspirators might remember stood for the Northern Independence Party in Hartlepool. 

Thelma predicted Nellist “could be the start of real change”; Williamson went to Erdington to campaign for Nellist, “the ONLY socialist on the ballot paper”. Williamson’s tweet got 370 likes. Nellist got 360 votes…

Nellist lost his deposit, the hard left is humiliated and have once again proved their ability to get retweets in certain pockets of Twitter are all they have left…

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Labour’s Free Speech Clampdown on Constituency Parties

As Guido reported yesterday, constituency Labour branches are currently up in arms over an edict from HQ banning motions in support of Jeremy Corbyn. Despite the new rule, many hard-left cranks are ignoring General Secretary David Evans and pressing on regardless, with some 36 CLPs backing Corbyn with the result that at least half-a-dozen local officials have been suspended. The hard left aren’t happy and are going on about Starmer’s suppression of debate and free speech.

Some digging through the Labour history archives reveals that it’s not the first time in recent living memory a Labour General Secretary has banned motions regarding individual disciplinary cases of hard-left figures. Under whose leadership did a General Secretary clamp down on such free speech? Miliband? Blair? Kinnock? It’s……… Jeremy Corbyn, banning local parties from voicing support for Chris Williamson:

“Please note that individual disciplinary cases that are being dealt with through the NEC disputes processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies.”

– Jennie Formby, 2019

Guido can’t recall many of the TrotsApp rent-a-gob crowd now whinging accusing Corbyn of suppressing debate and free speech at that time. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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Chris Williamson’s New National, Socialist Party

Voldemort lookalike and disgraced former Labour MP Chris Williamson has decreed that “Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension by the Starmer regime has been the final straw”, and that the Labour Party can no longer be considered a true “vehicle for socialism“. Through building alliances with other left-wing groups, Williamson plans his new outfit to have far greater reach than his former Derby North constituency. Truly building a new national, socialist party…

In a rambling Twitter thread, the former MP declares that his future socialist party “shouldn’t be purely committed to electoral politics” calling that “a well-trodden and misguided path“. A national, socialist party with a strong extra-parliamentary wing, all founded by a man who has been mired in what many consider to be rampant antisemitism. It’s a bit on the nose isn’t it…

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Chris Williamson Begs for More Cash as EHRC Case Falters

Back in July, Chris Williamson launched a crowdfunding attempt to fight the “so-called” Equality and Human Rights Commission and, naturally, the “Israel lobby”. A new video published today asks for an extra £10,000 on top of all the money he raised over the summer. The short video leaves out a lot of information. Williamson claimed on Twitter that he was able to “surpass my initial crowdfunding target in a matter of hours”. So why is he begging for a further £10,000 now?

Guido understands that in recent weeks both Ken Livingstone and Chris Williamson commenced a judicial review over the EHRC report’s publication. Now the rumour going around is that the Judge is set to dismiss their case. If that were true then Williamson would need some more cash to pay for a hefty court bill to pay that he can’t afford…

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