Chris Philp Makes Hancock CCTV Jibe

Chris Philp speaking on Question Time about Matt Hancock’s escapades:

“Going on this programme appears to involve doing embarrassing things on CCTV, so I can’t imagine why they chose him…”

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Chris Philp: “I’m Not Going to Comment on Every Tweet I’ve Ever Sent…”

While Liz hammered away at the same talking points across a dozen local radio stations, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Chris Philp was busy on LBC trying to explain to Nick Ferrari what happened to his now-infamous tweet; the one in which he celebrated “sterling strengthening on the back of the new UK Growth plan“… only to then see it nosedive hours later. Anyone hoping to go back and find it will struggle, because he deleted it over the weekend. Apparently the new line is he “[won’t] comment on every tweet” he’s ever sent. Although Nick Ferrari was really only asking him to comment on one…

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Farce Reaches Fever Pitch on College Green

Guido asks you to suspend your scepticism and believe that the Benny Hill theme was not added to this Chris Philp interview in post-production. Steve Bray actually managed to succeed in making Guido laugh this morning by turning up to College Green and blasting the music as broadcasters try conducting serious interviews about the future of Boris, the Tory Party and the country. Good luck to all the broadcasters trying to do their job…

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Brendan Cox: “Hard to Draw a Direct Link and Say the PM is in Some Way Responsible…”

After anti-vax loons mobbed Keir Starmer last night outside Parliament, screaming about Julian Assange and Starmer “protecting paedophiles“, predictably some in the media are already claiming this is a direct consequence of Boris’s own words and acting as though he is personally responsible for inciting the mob. Ignoring how these idiots have done the same thing to Gove, Rees-Mogg, Nick Watt, Tom Harwood, etc. etc…

Assuming the idiots who harassed Starmer hang on the whims of PMQs is a huge stretch, and drawing a direct link to Boris is unjustified – as Brendan Cox this morning pointed out to Nick Robinson on the Today Programme, telling him “It’s very hard to draw a direct link and say the PM is in some way responsible…”. Which didn’t stop Robinson trying to make the link.

DCMS Minister Chris Philp made a similar point on the media round this morning. Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Philp dismissed the idea that Boris had “prompted or caused” yesterday’s lunacy:

“…I don’t think you can make that link for a couple of reasons. Firstly, some of the people involved… have been doing that over a period of time to a number of other public figures… and I’ve watched the whole clip of the harassment and intimidation that happened, and they were mostly talking about Julian Assange, they were talking about Covid… they did mention Jimmy Savile as well… so I don’t think you can make a case that Boris Johnson’s remarks prompted or caused what we saw last night.”

These clowns will find any excuse to do this sort of thing and the media is feral in trying to get Boris any way it can….

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What’s That Chris?

It seems Chris Philp let his temper get the better of him in the Commons yesterday. After (reluctantly) yielding his time at the despatch box, Guido thought he heard the Under Secretary for Justice mutter something less than respectful of the Speaker under his breath. The audio is slightly muffled, so Guido asks: what do you think he said?

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Left-Wing Lawyers Late Night Blocking of Deportations of Murderers, Paedophiles & Rapists

A deportation flight intended to take murderers, rapists and paedophiles back to Jamaica set off in the middle of the night with only 13 of its planned 50 passengers after last-minute legal challenges saw several removed from the plane over claims they had been victims of “modern slavery”. Left-wing lawyers forced the government’s hand to keep on UK soil. Even with the legal victory, hundreds of hard-left activists and “black public figures” are furious that the flight deported anyone at all, despite the remaining 13 criminals having combined sentences of more than 100 years for murder, manslaughter, grooming, burglary and robbery.

Priti Patel was rightly furious at the continuing interference of campaigning lawyers, and accused Labour MPs of “re-traumatising” victims of rape and other evil crimes. 70 MPs had signed a letter organised by Clive Lewis calling for the flight to be delayed, names included the usual loony left; Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Kate Osamor, Claudia Webbe and Dawn Butler. The letter claimed:

“Deportations epitomise the government’s continued ‘Hostile Environment’ agenda. Not only is this agenda unjust, but also the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has now found that the Home Office broke the law with its series of hostile environment policies and inhumane treatment of the Windrush generation.”

It is beyond disgusting that these Labour MPs and hard-left celebrities dare conflate the mistreatment of the Windrush generation to the frankly overly-humane treatment of this group of low-lifes. 

The criticism from the likes of Diane Abbott is particularly laughable. As immigration minister Chris Philp pointed out in the Commons this week after she called the mass-deportation “cruel and potentially dangerous”, the law legally requiring the government to ship this evil lot back to where they came from was implemented in 2007 under a Labour government – a law for which Diane Abbott voted.

Labour complain about a hostile environment towards thieves, murderers, rapists and paedophiles – it clearly isn’t hostile enough and their former voters in the Red Wall will drain away even further if identity politics continues to drive them down this route…

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