Labour Deputy Chair’s Tweeting Risks Prejudicing Welsh Lobbyist’s Indecent Child Images Case

A complaint received by the Attorney General’s Office accuses a senior Labour figure of helping to prejudice the trial of Daran Hill, a lobbyist charged with making and distributing indecent images of children. Chris Elmore, a Deputy Chair of the Labour Party, liked a tweet which has been subject of a contempt of court complaint. Needless to say, Guido will not be sharing the tweet in question…

The complaint, of which Guido has had sight, suggests the tweet liked and shared by a number of figures in Welsh public life, is contemptuous and encourages others to act in contempt of court. Perhaps more seriously the complaint claims the tweet could prejudice the case which, if upheld, could see the same effect as a not guilty verdict. Daran Hill faces two counts of distributing indecent images of children and three counts of making them.

Daran was formerly a director at political lobbying firm Positif and director of the 2011 “yes” campaign to devolve more power to Wales. He had been a Labour member before, in 2021, switching and offering his “services and loyalty” to the Conservatives. The hearing is due later this month.

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Local Labour Candidate Not So Local

Welsh Fraud

Labour’s candidate for the Ogmore by-election is up to all sorts of trickery. Chris Elmore has declared an address in Pencoed, one of the main towns in the constituency, as his residence in his nomination papers. The local candidate, he’d have you think…

Yet according to his public declarations as a councillor, Elmore actually lives in Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan, well outside the seat he is fighting. A co-conspirator reports that Elmore’s car was parked outside his house there late the night before last. Who owns the Pencoed home? Labour Assembly member Janice Gregory. Electoral law dictates that candidates must put their true address on their nomination papers…

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