Andy McDonald Threatens to Sue Tory MP Chris Clarkson Over “Defamatory” Hamas Tweet

Suspended Labour MP Andy McDonald has threatened to set the lawyers on Tory MP Chris Clarkson, accusing him of tweeting a “highly defamatory statement” after McDonald’s appearance at a pro-Palestine rally last weekend. McDonald – who used the phrase “between the river and the sea” during his speech – said he was “not prepared to stand by” while Clarkson and other “peddle the lie” that he’d tried to justify the Hamas terrorist attacks. Here’s the tweet Clarkson sent this week…

“‘Between the River and the Sea’ is a deeply sinister antisemitic trope – seeing a Labour MP use it whilst seeking to justify the murderous actions of Hamas should be shocking. Sadly, it’s barely surprising.”

McDonald says his speech was a “heartfelt plea” for peace, and he’s prepared to fight in the courts:

“Mr Clarkson’s statement is highly defamatory and caused serious harm to my reputation. Much of what I have said in the last few days about the recent events in Israel and Palestine has been deliberately distorted and misinterpreted. I am more than prepared to sue anyone who thinks that it is acceptable to publish lies about me.”

Even so, McDonald still has the whip suspended. For now…

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Clarkson Complains to Standards Watchdog Over Rayner’s Claim That Sunak Flew to Conference

Tory MP Chris Clarkson has written a fiery letter to the Commissioner for Standards over Angela Rayner’s comments on LBC that Rishi Sunak “left on a private jet” from Conservative Conference. Steering away from the comments, he stated that Sunak “drove to and from Manchester” in a car instead…

Using Rayner’s words against her, he wrote:

“Honesty and integrity matter in public life. As Ms Rayner said in her own words ‘honesty, integrity and truth matter in politics’, ‘honesty matters’, and ‘we should all be accountable’.”

Read Clarkson’s full letter below:

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Kieran Mullan’s Stitch-Up Switich-Up Opens Door to Tory Chicken Run Showdown

Kieran Mullan has abandoned his plans to stitch-up the nomination for Chester South and Eddisbury, opening the door for a selection battle in the safe Tory seat. A meeting of the selection committee had been scheduled for 19th May to confirm or reject Mullan’s selection, however a statement has since been circulated confirming that the Crewe MP is now willing to open the field to competition. Mullan said:

“I have benefited from being able to speak to a wide variety of people locally (both involved and not involved in the selection process) and I have given all the feedback I have received a great deal of thought.

I would like to feel any process that selected me was fair and credible and would have the support of members. I think the only way to achieve that now is to be put forward to the final alongside other candidates to allow a choice by members. I appreciate the time and effort many of you have put into this process to date and thank you for your time.”

To translate – he spoke to local members and realised he was about to lose. Mullan was initially offered a place in the final three back in February, however he rejected it, claiming he was “entitled” to be the incumbent.

Mullan’s decision means a scrap for a rare Conservative safe haven is on the cards. Local sources expect a number of MPs will attempt the chicken run, whilst Richard Walker’s name is still getting mentioned as a potential candidate. Topping the list of potential seat-switchers is Andy Carter. Chris Clarkson is also rumoured to be interested as Stuart Anderson’s name got a mention too. All of whom are forecast to lose their seats on current polls…

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Three Tory MPs Slam Bryant’s Fake Bullying News

Further to Guido’s report this morning, three Tory MPs asked point of orders in the chamber this afternoon, all directed at the fake claims made by Chris Bryant on the night of the 19th October.

Former whip Mark Jenkinson, who was interviewed about the supposed fracas, accused Labour MPs of haranguing Tory MPs off the back of Bryant’s rule-breaking photo posted to Twitter.

Brendan Clarke-Smith asked for clarification on such photography rules; and Chris Clarkson asked whether the Deputy Speaker would call for Bryant to return to the chamber to correct the record – as Guido suggest he should, to avoid charges of hypocrisy.

Bryant was apparently too busy to turn up. Guido’s sure we’ll hear from him at some point. He is not a man to suffer in silence…

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Wakeford Had 4-Hour Dinner with Tory Colleagues on Eve of Defection

Christian Wakeford’s defection to the Labour Party yesterday surprised just about everyone, including his closest former colleagues. Multiple sources have confirmed to Guido that on Tuesday evening, Wakeford attended a cheery 4-hour dinner with Tory MPs Andrew Stephenson, Chris Clarkson, Sara Britcliffe, and Robbie Moore at Stephenson’s house – and didn’t tell them a word about his plans for the next day.

Despite secretly meeting with Sir Keir Starmer on Monday, Wakeford kept shtum for the entire evening with his then-colleagues, blindsiding them as he joined the Labour benches at PMQs. In fact, Wakeford’s office manager only reached out to Downing Street 15 minutes before Boris stood up in the Chamber…

As expected, Wakeford’s now ex-colleagues are furious, with one reportedly calling him “a c*nt” after hearing the news. Although the best reaction still goes to Lee Anderson…

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EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Justifies Calling Princess Diana a “Two-Bit Slag”

Tory MP Chris Clarkson has explained to Guido why he called Princess Diana a “two-bit slag” in a Facebook comment a number of years-ago. The full comment – which has not yet been deleted:

The Heywood & Middleton MP explained his comments were “clearly a satirical remark about the inconsistency of the print media in their treatment of Princess Diana before and after her untimely death” and his only regret is not putting the words “OBVIOUS PARODY” in front of the post. Hindsight is 20/20…

He added that he “couldn’t have reasonably predicted that (a) I’d be an MP and (b) there would be someone malicious enough to trawl over a decade back just to try and embarrass me.”

Clarkson is keen to make clear that “I am not actually disparaging the former Princess of Wales, but rather the media’s treatment of her.”

He added, “as we approach what would have been Diana’s 60th Birthday I think it would be a much better tribute to her sadly short life to reflect on the work she did highlighting issues such as HIV/AIDS and championing some of the most vulnerable, rather than focusing on a daft remark made years ago.” At least he didn’t call the People’s Princess scum… 

UPDATE: Liz McInnes – the previous MP for Heywood & Middleton – reacts:

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