Labour Candidate Shared Message Calling Pakistani Muslims “A Stain on this Planet”

Local Labour Party politics seems to be moving away from Corbynism faster than the national level. Brent Labour have selected a peculiar candidate for the safe Labour ward of Alperton, for a by-election on 23 January. Labour’s Chetan Harpale has in the last few months tweeted about “Londonistan“, the ‘so-called peaceful religion’, and shared a message calling Pakistani Muslims “a stain on this planet.” He also:

  • Tweeted that Jeremy Corbyn was ‘pro Jihadis’
  • Mocked Sadiq Khan’s slogan ‘London is Open’ telling Khan “it seems only for ‘Jihadis”
  • Called London ‘Londonistan’
  • Called Islam the “So called Peacefully Religion!!!!”
  • Repeatedly referred to Pakistan as “Pakistan Terror State”
  • Shared a message showing Pakistani Muslims slaughtering a cow accompanied by commentary saying “This is not a normal society. They are a stain on this planet. They do not deserve our taxes or any foreign aid.”

Not content with an investigation about its anti-Semitism problem, Labour seem to be getting in on some Islamophobia too…

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