Corbynista ‘Bullying’ Forces Blair’s Mother-in-Law Out of Labour

The Stepmother of Cherie Blair is amongst the names of leading Labour members who have resigned from the party in West Yorkshire this week.

Steph Booth reportedly claims to have experienced bullying from other Labour Party members because of her family link to the most electorally successful Labour Prime Minister in history.

Corbynites not letting a fragile lead in the polls distract from their vital mission of pushing out the Blairites…

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Cherie Blair: “Big Government is Doing Things to us Which are Unfair”

Cherie Blair, whose husband Tony created almost one new law for every day in office, railed against “big government” while supporting landlords in their judicial review of recent buy-to-let changes.

“United together, we can challenge the big government that is doing things to us which are unfair… I have a secret passion for homes under the hammer. And you know, time after time you see them interviewing people on that programme, and they are ordinary, decent people who have a little bit of money and have decided to try and use that wisely to provide for themselves and their families. I would have thought they were just the sort of people that a Conservative government would want to support”

Savour the buy-to-let landlord Cherie Blair bashing big government while lauding the Conservatives for naturally supporting “ordinary, decent people”This would never have happened under Maggie, or Tony for that matter…

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Tony Blair’s Godless Christmas Card

And they’re off:

What happened to repenting Tone?

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Cherie in Swindon

A co-conspirator draws Guido’s attention to Swindon Wide’s reporting of the upcoming ‘Swindon Festival of Literature’.  Undoubtedly one of the cultural highlights of the year.  Cherie will really have to prostitute herself somewhat to push her book, she got a reported £1 million advance and it has sold a mere 33,000 copies.

Guido knows Cherie has a reputation for money grubbing, but even so, the headline is a little unfair…

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Cherie Blair to Fight Greed and Hubris

Cherie BookIs Guido the only one amused at the news that Cherie Blair has been hired to help fight a legal case against RBS management?  The papers presented to the Court in New York allege greed and hubris on the part of the RBS board.

Like Guido calling for temperance…

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Pendennis has noticed that our old friend Martha Greene has registered

Domain name:

Registrant: Martha Greene

She has also registered some predictable variations. and are however still available.
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