Moore Wants Less BBC

Charles Moore on the future cultural status of the BBC…

“Like the Church of England in the 19th century … I think the BBC should be disestablished.”

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How Labour Has Packed Quangos Including the BBC & Ofcom for Decades

The revelation in The Sunday Times that Boris wants to appoint Charles Moore as BBC Chairman and Paul Dacre to run the media regulator Ofcom, prompted outrage from the chattering metropolitan media class; with the likes of Adam Boulton accusing No. 10 of being an “oligarchy” exhibiting “elite populism run riot”. When Guido pointed out to Boulton that Labour had dominated the quangocracy for over a decade – citing the Independent‘s 1995 discovery of plans to install Blair’s friends in high places – Adam claimed there wasn’t evidence to support that – when Guido asserted with evidence otherwise, Boulton told him “F off” with his lies and smears. It was admittedly very late. Anyway, Guido’s been busy crunching the numbers…

  • In the last year of Major’s government, 57% of political appointees had Tory allegiances, versus 32% for Labour
  • One year after Blair came to power, Labour appointees were up to 75%, versus 13% for Tories
  • During every single one of New Labour’s years, more than half of political appointees with declared affiliations were Blair or Brown backers. In 2006/7 and 2009/10, it was 70%.*

Labour deliberately prioritised getting their allies into high power media positions – including appointing Greg Dyke, who had previously donated £50,000 to Labour, to the role of BBC Director-General. Can you imagine the outrage if the Tories did similar today?

The era of Labour-dominated quangocracies didn’t end with the coalition in 2010, however. In 2011/12, the percentage of Labour-affiliated appointments actually beat Blair’s 1997-98 record at 76.7%. From 2010-2014, 3x more Labour supporters were appointed to top quango jobs than Tories, it was a noticeable blind-spot of the Cameron era…

  • 2011-12: 76.7%, 13.8%, 4.3%
  • 2013-14: 45.6%, 30.8%, 7.5%
  • 2014-15: 37.6%, 25.9%, 11.8%
  • 2015-16: 41.2%, 33.1%, 14.7%
  • 2016-17: 37.7%, 37.1%, 10.5%
  • 2017-18: 40.6%, 30.2%, 14.6%
  • 2018-19: 47.4%, 31.6%, 10.5%

Since ’97 there have only been 2 years when Tories have got more public appointments than Labour, astounding when you consider the Tories have been in charge for a decade. Guido doesn’t reckon anyone could look at the last 23 years of Labour’s quango domination and credibly complain about this Downing Street initiating a decades-long overdue end to the Blairite dominance of public appointments…

*Source: Public Appointments Commission

See also: Nearly Half of 2019 Public Appointments Support Labour 

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Charles Moore Joins Countryside Alliance

In possibly peak Tory wonk watch news, Guido learns that the distinguished journalist and Thatcher biographer Charles Moore is to join the Countryside Alliance’s new top team following a comprehensive reshuffle of the lobby group’s board. The Alliance describe soon-to-be Lord Moore as a “Keen hunting man and a staunch defender of the rights and beliefs of rural people and communities”. Two new jobs for Moore in a month, he’s on his way to beating Osborne’s record at this rate…

He is to be joined on the new board with Lord Daresbury – Master of the Hunt for 29 seasons – and Chris Horne – the managing director for shoot selling day website GunsOnPegs. Alliance Chairman Nick Herbert sais: “I am delighted that we have been able to attract such high-quality individuals to join our Board. Their experience and insight will be hugely valuable to the Alliance’s work for the countryside”. The 2019 Tory Manifesto famously avoided Theresa May’s fox hunting faux pas – will this new team be able to secure yet another u-turn from this government?

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Moore for DG

Charles Moore disappoints his fans…

“Despite huge public pressure, I shall not be applying to be director-general of the BBC.”

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Former Economist Editor Lambasts Bagehot Columnist

Guido has been chronicling the decline of The Economist and in particular the once revered Bagehot column for some time. This week’s copy has a letter to the editor from a former editor-in-chief of The Economist, Andrew Knight and Charles Moore, the biographer of Margaret Thatcher. It is a a corker on the subject of a recent Bagehot column on “Thatcher Undecomposed”. They are not impressed…

The full letter is worth reading, it tears apart the contradictions, oversights and mistakes in the column. The conclusion alone is pretty damning:

What one looks for in Bagehot’s newspaper is analysis, rather than generalising replete with attitude. Leaving aside his protracted expression of dismay over Brexit and Euroscepticism (the “flames” of which Thatcher wickedly “fanned” with her Bruges speech), Bagehot’s overall conclusion is an odd (in your pages) mercantilist sally. His Little-Britain lunge is that Thatcher’s free-marketry has left Britain “the Wimbledon of global capitalism, more successful at hosting world-class players than producing them”.

Thatcherites should celebrate that metaphor. Wimbledon: a great global tournament in the heart of British suburbia creating lots of jobs; lots of national prestige; lots of exciting visitors to the grass courts; lots of competition. Lots, in short, of the levelling out, the subsidy-less prosperity, the excitement, enjoyment and fun of the very sort she (and the original Walter Bagehot) would have relished.

That today’s Bagehot can be accused of mercantilism shows how far The Economist has strayed from and is betraying the free trade cause it was founded to further.

Somehow this letter to the editor only appears online and not in the print edition. Fancy that…

The full letter is reproduced below:

Read More

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Charles Moore Takes Question Time to Task on Balance

Guido was reminded of this research while watching Question Time last night – the research found that 86% of the time the panel was dominated by Remainers. Charles Moore pointed out that he was the only Leave voter on the panel, showing twice as many Remain voters appear on the programme than Leave voters. This won’t come as a surprise to many regular viewers…

The IEA’s analysis referenced by Moore also shows a two to one bias in favour Remain supporting panelists. Guido understands that it must be hard to balance the panel given that the media class and Parliament as a whole is so out of touch with the country on the question of Brexit, but surely it isn’t an impossible task…

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