Labour Grandees Clarke & Ainsworth Flaunt Expulsion

Bad Al Campbell was kicked out of the Labour Party for publicising that he had voted LibDem. Charles Clarke the former Home Secretary in the last Labour government has publicised that he did the same:

“I also voted Liberal Democrat. This was a one-off decision because of the hopeless incoherence of Labour’s position, particularly that of Jeremy Corbyn, on Brexit.”

Bob Ainsworth, who was Gordon Brown’s Defence Secretary, went public too on BBC Coventry radio

“I voted Green in the Euro elections having never voted other than Labour before in my entire life. I didn’t intend to make this public, but now Alastair has been expelled for doing the same I feel obliged to do so.”

So now, according to the party’s rules, Corbyn has to expel two former Cabinet minister heavyweights. So far Labour are ducking the issue…

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Charles Clarke on Cameron’s Success

Charles Clarke says Cameron is the most successful PM for over a century…

“Under Margaret Thatcher the Conservatives gained 99 seats. They lost 211 under John Major, gained one under William Hague, quickly and wisely got rid of Ian Duncan-Smith, gained 32 under Michael Howard and have so far gained 133 under David Cameron who, to the great surprise of many (including senior Conservatives), has turned out to be the most electorally successful Tory leader since 1900.”

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