German Children Indoctrinated

german youth

In a remarkably tone-deaf piece piece, the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell has written a glowing tribute to the German education system’s climate change indoctrination policy. Who wouldn’t want their kids to be learning about “sustainability” in English, French, Spanish, art, music, history, maths, biology, chemistry, physics and PE?

“Take Emmy-Noether-Schule, an 800-student secondary school in east Berlin I visited recently. Educators there consider climate change so pressing that they integrate it into just about every class you can think of (including, when the instructor is so inclined, Latin). About a quarter of the content in the 10th-grade English textbook, for example, is about threats to planet Earth. That means when kids learn to use the conditional mood in English, their grammar exercises rely on sentences like this: “If we don’t do something about global warming, more polar ice will start to melt.”

Likewise, in an 11th-grade geography class dedicated entirely to sustainability, students write poetry about klimawandel (climate change). My favorite couplet, from an ode by student Hannah Carsted: “The water level rises/ The fish are in a crisis.””

Sounds a little ominous…

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