Caroline Flint Keeping Busy In Retirement

Caroline Flint losing her Don Valley seat was one of the big moments of election night, however she has not kept quiet since. Now her daughter Hanna has shown the world how she is keeping busy in retirement. Guido added some special effects

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Thornberry To Sue Caroline Flint

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has announced she has instructed solicitors and taking legal action against Caroline Flint for her claim that Thornberry told a colleague “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours.”

Thornberry, who previously resigned after appearing to mock a house in Rochester with an England flag and white van outside, announced that she asked Flint to retract the comment by the end of the day, but Flint did not. Labour’s internal battles are not soothing over any time soon…

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Flint: Thornberry Said She’s Glad Her Constituents aren’t as Stupid as Mine
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Caroline Flint Backs No Deal Over Revoking Article 50

The question is how many of her fellow Labour MPs agree. And how many Tory rebels feel so strongly the other way they’d rather bring down their own government…

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Flint: Labour MPs Should Back May’s Deal

Labour MP Caroline Flint says that thwarting Brexit would be an affront to democracy. She also knows that the choice is this deal or Brexit derailed…

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Caroline Flint Savages Alastair Campbell on This Week

Last night Caroline Flint took remoaner-in-chief Alastair Campbell to task in this fiery exchange on This Week.

“I don’t think it was leadership to ignore the concerns of people in our towns and communities outside our university towns and cities… It’s sad that it took a referendum and leaving the European Union for people like yourself and others to actually start listening to those communities.”

Definitely worth watching…

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