Boris and Other World Leaders Caught Mocking Trump at NATO Dinner

A video shot by CBC has emerged showing Boris, Trudeau, Macron and Princess Anne seemingly mocking Trump for his impromptu 40-minute press conference held yesterday. The worlds’ eyes are refreshing Trump’s Twitter feed as we speak…

The video is mostly subtitled, but Macron and Princess Anne struggle to be made out. Any readers with better ears than Guido and CBC, please do get in touch

Hat Tip: @PnPCBC

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A Campaigning Day in the Life of Boris: “I Sometimes Succumb to Flapjack”

The Sun spent a full 16+ hour day with the PM on the campaign trail, in a documentary rather similar to their oldA Day in the Life of David CameronNaturally, this time there weren’t any candid scenes with the family…

Watch and read TND’s full campaign report here…

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Boris: We Will Walk Away if US Insists on NHS in Talks

In his LBC phone-in this morning, Boris has a new line on Corbyn’s NHS attack – that if the US insists on NHS being on the table, he will just walk away. It’s hard for the Labour Party which has for months insisted Boris would love nothing more than No Deal to argue he would be unwilling to walk away from trade talks…

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Did YouGov MRP Leak Move Markets?

Looks like the YouGov MRP poll leaked at 18:00, and is giving the Tories a stonking majority.

UPDATE: The YouGov analysis gives Boris a majority of 68. Stonking!

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Boris Repeats Apology

Boris asked if he apologise for Islam comments tells reporters

“Obviously whenever we have an incident of anti-Semitism or Islamophobia or whatever in the Conservative Party, we take a zero-tolerance approach … We have a one bounce and we deal with it approach to this. We are going to have an independent inquiry into Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, every manner of prejudice and discrimination, and it will start before Christmas.  Of course and for all the hurt and offence that has been caused – of course we do. All that is intolerable and it’s so important as a country that we don’t allow that kind of thing, and that’s why we’re going to have the independent inquiry.”

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Boris Accidentally Announces Huge National Insurance Cut

Speaking to factory workers in Teesside, Boris accidentally let slip a Tory a major manifesto announcement that the Tories will increase the National Insurance threshold to £12,500 if they win the election. Finally, the Tories give us all a tax cut…

The policy clearly hadn’t meant to be blurted out, as subsequently his TV interviews had to be delayed while his team worked out how to address the self-exposed leak.

Guido hears the specifics of the policy will involve an immediate NI threshold raise to £9,500 next year, with the aim of £12,500 in the longer term – approximately a £400 tax cut for every worker. In simple terms that means some £3 billion staying in the pockets of millions of over-taxed voters in 2020…

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