Public say Corbyn a Bigger ‘Villain’ than Epstein

Corbyn’s astounding and unprecedented levels of unpopularity for a Labour leader have long been commented upon, but a new poll from Opinium helps contextualise just how poorly Corbyn is perceived by the public; being ranked by 29% as the ‘villain’ of 2019 – 1% higher than disgraced – now dead – paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He’s always said he’s in a battle with billionaires…

Corbyn can find some solace in Donald Trump’s easy victory in the villainy poll, taking 39% of the vote. Is Corbyn getting used to losing by double-digit losses yet?…

Boris, on the other hand, received 19% in the reciprocal ‘hero of 2019’ poll, with David Attenborough winning on 35% to Greta Thunberg’s second place of 21%. Will the elderly ever stop stealing Greta’s dreams…

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Boris Tells Blackford to Say Something More Interesting

The popular campaign to get Ian Blackford to shut up gets a major backing today as Ian Blackford is told to “say something more interesting” by a bored, phone-playing Boris. The kind of statement to unify our divided country…

Hat-tip: STV
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Boris Promises ‘People’s Cabinet’

Boris has convened his first post-election cabinet meeting where he promised to be working an action packed “24 hours a day, working flat out”. Is he trying to beat Thatcher’s record of just four hours of sleep per night..?

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Boris’s Victory Speech
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Boris’ CCHQ Victory Speech

The FT’s Seb Payne has got hold of an audio recording of Boris’ private victory speech to CCHQ staff. Jubilant scenes…

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How Vain is Boris?

Asked by Grazia “How vain are you?”, Boris simply replied

Omnia vanitas.”

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