Sir Lindsay on Boris’s Baby Birth

Sir Lindsay in the Commons this morning:

On behalf of everyone in the House of Commons, may I say congratulations to the Prime Minister and Carrie Symonds on the birth of their son. Such happy news amid so much uncertainty – 2020 is certainly a year they will never forget. “

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BREAKING Carrie Gives Birth to Baby Boy

PA announce:

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have announced the birth of a “healthy baby boy at a London hospital earlier this morning”. Both mother and baby are doing very well, their spokesman said

A good a reason as any to miss PMQs…

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Boris is Most Popular G7 Leader

The approval ratings of almost all world leaders have risen compared to before the pandemic. After a slight initial rise, however, Japan’s Abe and America’s Trump have seen their ratings fall back down again. Boris, on the other hand, has risen further than the others, from an already high base. Polls show if there were an election tomorrow more than one in two people would vote Tory, and Boris is trusted more than any other politician. Not that you’d get that impression from much of the media…

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Boris’s Barnstorming Statement as he Returns to Work

Key quotes:

  • “I am sorry I have been away from my desk for much longer than I would have liked”
  • “If this virus was a physical assailant – an unexpected and invisible mugger (which I can tell you from personal experience it is) – then this is the moment when we have begun, together, to wrestle it to the floor. And so it follows that this is the moment of opportunity, this is the moment we can press home our advantage, it is also the moment of maximum risk”
  • “I know that without our private sector, without the drive and commitment of the wealth creators of this country, there will be no economy to speak of… I can see the long-term consequences of lockdown”
  • “I refuse to throw away all the effort and all the sacrifice of the British people and risk a second major outbreak”
  • “I believe we are coming now to the end of the first phase of this conflict, and in spite of all the suffering, we have so nearly succeeded. We defied so many predictions; we did not run out of ventilators or ICU beds; we did not allow our NHS to collapse”
  • “When we’re sure this first phase is over and we’re meeting our five tests… then that will be the time to move onto the second phase in which we continue to suppress the disease and keep the reproduction rate down, but begin gradually to refine the economic and social restrictions, and one-by-one fire up the engines of this vast UK economy”
  • “We simply cannot spell out now how fast, or slow, or even when those changes will be made”
  • “I want to serve notice now that these decisions will be taken with the maximum possible transparency”
  • “If we as a country can show the same spirit of optimism and energy shown by Cpt. Tom Moore – who turns 100 this week -… then I have absolutely no doubt we will beat it together, we will come through this all the faster, and the United Kingdom will emerge stronger than ever before”
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Ratings Are In, Peston and Piers Suck Worse Than Politicians

Guido has been banging on about what a shocking performance we have been getting from the prima donnas of infotainment, the presenters and pundits who are going over the top to get gotcha moments for ratings. Well the ratings are in and the public thinks they suck worse than politicians. A lot worse…

According to a poll of 1,652 Britons for Sky News conducted by YouGov on Monday and Tuesday, TV journalists, the likes of Piers Morgan and Robert Peston, are distrusted by 64% of viewers with only 24% saying they trust them – a negative net rating of minus 40. The Dead Tree Press fares little better, having now regularly seen the Lobby hacks asking questions at the daily briefing for themselves every evening, only 17% say they trust newspaper journalists, while 72% say they do not, giving an overall net score of minus 55. That is the kind of net approval last seen by Jeremy Corbyn at his nadir…

How do the main targets of the hacks’ ire rate? Sir Keir Starmer is trusted by 25%, while 34% do not trust him, giving him an overall net rating of minus 9. He also surprisingly manages only to be trusted by half of Labour voters. The most popular politician is the one the hated metropolitan media hate most, Boris, the only politician trusted by the majority of voters (51%).

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Boris’s Less-Than-Surprising Work Return Date

This morning The Telegraph splashes that Boris is preparing to return back to the helm of Government by next Monday, with Boris telling aides to schedule one-on-one virtual meetings with Cabinet Ministers in the meantime to get back up to speed. Is it any surprise though?

Some appear to be surprised by the new timetable, pointing to a previous FT piece which cited May 7th as the PM’s preferred return date. In reality, this timetable was never realistic; two days after Boris was admitted to Intensive Care, Guido covered an expert in The Times who said Boris would need one week’s rest per day in St. Thomas’s ICU. His stay ended up totalling three days. A three-week recovery period would take Boris up to a week yesterday, so keen-to-return Boris is, in fact, only returning to the helm three days earlier than expected.

Boris has spent this week slowly increasing his workload, including daily updates with Raab and tuning into the first digital PMQs and calling the Queen and Trump, The latter of whom said “I will tell you, he sounded incredible, he was ready to go… It’s like the old Boris, tremendous energy, tremendous drive.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Donald later went on to undermine confidence in his medical judgement by appearing to speculate about lung “disinfectant” to protect against Coronavirus… 

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