WATCH: Boris Denies ‘Bodies Pile High’ Comment

Boris has formally denied exclaiming he’d rather see bodies pile up in their thousands than put the UK into a third lockdown, as reported by the Mail this morning. His on-camera denial comes just after Peston claims at least three current No. 10 sources are aware of the PM saying the provocative statement:

“I am told he shouted it in his study just after he agreed to the second lockdown ‘in a rage’. The doors to the Cabinet room and outer office were allegedly open and supposedly a number of people heard. I am bothering to repeat this assertion about what the Prime Minister said because two eyewitnesses – or perhaps I should say ‘ear witnesses’ – have corroborated the Daily Mail’s account to me. Also these sources insist they did not brief the Mail, so that suggests there are three sources.”

Peston is also adamant in the same piece – providing reasonable anecdotal evidence – that his October lockdown source was not Dominic Cummings…

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READ IN FULL: Cummings Statement on Leak Accusations

Dom’s blog is back in action and not pulling any punches following last night’s No. 10 briefings against him. To sum up his claims:

  1. Whilst he possesses some WhatsApp messages between the PM and Dyson, he claims to have not found the ones leaked to the BBC. He is willing to have the Cabinet Secretary search through his phone to prove this.
  2. On who leaked the second lockdown plans: the Cabinet Secretary told the PM it couldn’t have been Cummings or Cain, and that all the evidence pointed to Henry Newman and others in that office. Cummings claims Boris then tried stopping the leak enquiry, as he couldn’t sack Newman owing to his close friendship with Carrie…
  3. On the No. 10 private flat refurbishment, Cummings claims Boris stopped speaking to him about it in 2020 as Cummings told him “plans to have donors secretly pay for the renovation were unethical, foolish, possibly illegal”
  4. He describes the PM and his office of “falling so far below the standards of competence and integrity the country deserves.”

He adds in a follow-up tweet: “Also everyone shd ignore all media claims to have quotes from ‘friends’, ‘allies’ — they’re all bullshit”…

Read Dom’s blog in full…

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Boris Defends Texts to James Dyson

Boris fighting back against Labour’s attacks over the Dyson texts…

“If you think that there’s anything remotely dodgy, or rum, or weird, or sleazy about trying to secure more ventilators at a time of a national pandemic, and doing everything in your power to do that…then I think that you’re out of your mind.”

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WATCH: Boris Calls for Celebration of St. George’s Day “Without Embarrassment, Without Shame”

A video message for a national celebration arguably shouldn’t be newsworthy, however Guido’s checked the records and this is only the third ever video message on St. George’s Day from a British PM since 2008. It’s the first since Cameron in 2016…

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PMQs: Who’s Asking the Questions?
  1. Ronnie Cowan (SNP)
  2. Dr Luke Evans (Con)
  3. Philip Davies (Con)
  4. Fay Jones (Con)
  5. Jeffrey M Donaldson (DUP)
  6. Ian Levy (Con)
  7. Kim Johnson (Lab)
  8. Ben Spencer (Con)
  9. Anna McMorrin (Lab)
  10. Andrew Rosindell (Con)
  11. Philippa Whitford (SNP)
  12. Saqib Bhatti (Con)
  13. Alan Brown (SNP)
  14. Andrew Griffith (Con)
  15. Karl Turner (Lab)
  16. Andrew Mitchell (Con)
  17. John Spellar (Lab)
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Labour Ventilator Volte-Face, Did Not Oppose Waiver of Taxes in Parliament

This morning the BBC reveal texts between the PM and James Dyson, in which Boris promised to “fix” a tax issue to prevent Dyson’s employees having to pay extra if they came here to make Covid ventilators during what was a national emergency. The Treasury changed the rules to mean any days worked by foreign employees towards the national Covid effort wouldn’t be counted by HMRC between March and June 2020. Only an hysterical partisan would take issue with this, here’s Labour’s line this morning;

These are jaw-dropping revelations. Boris Johnson is now front and centre of the biggest lobbying scandal in a generation, and Tory sleaze has reached the heart of Downing Street.”

A gigantic volte-face given Labour repeatedly praised the ventilator response – a response the tax changes aimed to bolster. The changes were openly put to parliament and applied to non-tax-resident doctors and engineers who would otherwise have had negative tax implications for helping in the fight against Covid. VAT and customs duties on vital medical equipment were also waived. In April 2020, Rachel Reeves said the government needed to “strain every sinew and utilise untapped resources in UK manufacturing, to deliver essential equipment to frontline workers”. A week later, Starmer praised everyone involved in the effort to get ventilators:

Just last month, Anneliese Dodds admitted the government had worked with manufacturers to deliver the “seemingly impossible, to record time” on ventilator production. Something their holier-than-thou anti-‘crony’ position would have prevented.

This latest accusation of sleaze is a misstep by Labour. As Tony Blair told Today this morning, “I find it hard to get worked up about this… there’s got to be a certain degree of understanding.”

Most people will think it was good of Dyson to put up £20 million and hundreds of his staff on to the project at short notice and no cost to the taxpayer. They will think it fair that those who came to our aid were not punished by the taxman for helping. There are some genuine questions about cronyism to be answered when it comes to the supply of PPE, some of which may well be answered with criminal charges. If Labour starts making weak accusations that don’t stack up they will start sounding like the boy who cried wolf…

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