Boris on Court Reform

Guido has been keenly scooping stories on the Government’s constitutional plans, including an exclusive on the Tories’ plans to propose constitutional reforms in their manifesto, and most recently Boris’s plan to scrap the boundary review’s reduction of seats from 650 to 600. You’re either in front of Guido, or you’re behind…

PMQs hinted at confirmation of Guido’s last story about the Government’s planned court reforms; with Boris saying he will ensure the courts can no longer be abused to “conduct politics by another means, or to create needless delays”. Jolyon and Gina must be having panic attacks…

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Boris Appeals to the US to Strike a Trump Deal with Iran

In his big BBC Breakfast interview this morning, the Prime Minister said that the most important thing is to ensure Iran does not get its hands on a nuclear weapon.

“The problem with the JCPOA is basically from the American perspective it is a flawed agreement, it expires, plus it was negotiated by President Obama.”

“If we’re going to get rid of it let’s replace it, let’s replace it with the Trump Deal.”

He called on Trump to work together with the UK to replace the JCPOA get the Trump Deal instead. In the jam packed interview the Boris said:

  • Britain has played its role as a bridge between the US and Europe well over Iran.
  • The Royal Family sort Megxit out much more easily without a running commentary from politicians.
  • Brexit is one of my least favourite subjects. “We need to move on!”
  • Free trade has done more to lift billions around the world from poverty than anything else
  • Number 10 is working on a plan to crowdfund Big Ben Brexit Bongs
  • It’s “epicly likely” that he will achieve a UK-EU FTA within eleven months of Brexit Day
  • Social Care plan will be brought forward “this year”
  • It’s not for Government to save companies that simply run into trouble
  • [on Huawei] “if people oppose one brand or another, then they have to tell us what is the alternative.”
  • The Russia report will be released in “weeks”
  • He isn’t doing Veganuary “If you’re vegan, you can’t eat cheese. That’s just a crime.”
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Boris on Veganuary

Asked whether Boris was participating in ‘Veganuary’, the PM replied

“I take my hat off to vegans who can handle it… you can’t eat cheese can you? That’s just a crime… a crime against cheese-lovers”

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Number 10 Looking at Crowd Funding Big Ben Brexit Bongs

Boris told BBC Breakfast this morning that Number 10 is “working on a plan” so that the public can “bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” – or in other words crowdfund the half a million pound cost. Lord Ashcroft has already promised to underwrite the success of any crowdfund attempt…

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No. 10 Refuse to Deny Official Brexit Celebration Plans

Whilst today’s Downing Street press briefing consisted mostly of questions over Iran, one brave hack decided to break away and ask whether Number 10 was going to support Brexiteer MPs’ Brexit Bill amendment for Big Ben to bong at 11pm on the 31st to symbolise finally Brexiting.

The PM’s spokesperson not only didn’t deny supporting the bong amendment, he went even further, refusing to deny No. 10 weren’t planning wider official celebrations. Unfortunately for Boris, he’ll have to race Nigel to book Parliament Square…

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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