Boris to Bear Down on Unskilled Migration

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Boris: I Have a Record of Delivering

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Boris Explains His Brexit Deal

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Remainers Demand Stormzy Boycotts Brand after it Backs Brexit

At Boris’s rally yesterday, (yes, that one), he was handed a scarf saying ‘Get Brexit Done’ from Derbyshire-based knitwear company John Smedley. Naturally, Remainers went absolutely bananas…

Immediately, furious FBPEers took to Twitter, disgusted a business might disagree with their economic outlook that more dither and uncertainty with a second referendum is precisely what companies desire.

The icing on the cake came when remainers spotted the company boasted just two days ago that their pullover had been worn by notable Labour-supporter Stormzy

At least the company found one new supporter – from Rachel Johnson who said she’s sorted her Christmas presents now…

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Channel 4 Smears Boris with False Quote

Channel 4 has been caught out smearing Boris – by mis-captioning his speech from yesterday and replacing the word ‘talent’ for ‘colour’. Is it any wonder the Tories are waging war with the propagandists…

Boris, speaking in Derbyshire, said he was “in favour of having people of talent come to this country”, however when Channel 4 uploaded the clip they claimed he said “people of colour” – listen for yourself above.

Boris uses the quote so often it could be considered his catchphrase (for example in this BBC interview), yet Channel 4 took it upon themselves to mislead thousands.

That didn’t stop lefties immediately leaping on the smear, with 11,000 tweets about the quote at the time of publication, and other notable lefties like Lewis Goodall wasting no time in attacking the PM

UPDATE: Channel 4 have apologised for the mistake. Too little too late?…

UPDATE II: Senior Tory Source: “This shows why it has been impossible to cooperate with Channel 4 News, they are campaigners in this election – inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit. ‘This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same.”

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How Corbynistas React When They Think Corbyn’s Anti-Semitism Was Said By Boris

Corbynistas were approached this week with anti-Semitic quotes to see if they think the person who said them is fit for office. But there’s a twist! When the Labour activists were told the quotes were said by Boris they said he was unfit for office. Upon being told the truth their squirming is excruciating…

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