Boris’s Victory Speech
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Boris’ CCHQ Victory Speech

The FT’s Seb Payne has got hold of an audio recording of Boris’ private victory speech to CCHQ staff. Jubilant scenes…

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How Vain is Boris?

Asked by Grazia “How vain are you?”, Boris simply replied

Omnia vanitas.”

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Boris Breaks the Gridlock

Boris is clearly having a smashing time on the campaign trail…

Hat-tip: Paul Brand & Seb Payne

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Brexit, Actually

This is a parody. A parody by the Prime Minister and it works. Probably the best ad of the campaign…

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Boris Hints at TV Licence Reform

Speaking in the Brexit heartland of Sunderland this afternoon, the Prime Minister was asked about TV licence reform. While not making any explicit commitment, his answer pricked Guido’s ears – claiming he is “certainly looking at it”, and going on to say “you have to ask yourself whether that kind of approach to funding a media organisation still makes sense in the long term, giving the way other organisations manage to fund themselves.” Music to libertarian ears…

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