Leo Copies Boris

Following Boris’ new video last night answering the most googled questions about him, embattled electioneering Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has now released his own version. Guido understands that while Topham Guerin did the Boris video last night, they are not behind Leo’s video. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

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Boris Tears Into Corbyn’s Foreign Policy Record

The party leaders also paid tribute to Nicholas Parsons after his passing yesterday

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Boris Answers the Most Searched, Not Searching, Questions

Boris tweeted to his million-and-a-half followers at 10pm last night “Will Brexit affect my holiday?” Claiming he would answer “some of your top searched questions about Brexit and what happens when we leave the EU on Friday.” A search engine optimised video Q & A seems on the face of it a clever prelude to his disintermediating People’s PMQs on Facebook tomorrow night. The more traditional format set-piece address to the nation on Friday night, just before we Brexit, will be televised globally. Will his rhetoric rise to the occasion? No pressure, Boris.

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Dilyn’s Grown…

Has anyone told Boris that Lisa Nandy’s already won the Chinese caucus?…

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Boris (and Dilyn)’s Spectator Awards Acceptance Speech

Similarly, most attendees were feeling pretty ruff this morning…

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Boris on Educating Emperors

Speaking at the UK-Africa Investment Summit, Boris revealed one sector in which UK has total global market domination…

“One in seven of the world’s kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, were educated in this country. Including the Japanese Emperor. We have a total global monopoly on the higher education of emperors.”

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