Number 10 Looking at Crowd Funding Big Ben Brexit Bongs

Boris told BBC Breakfast this morning that Number 10 is “working on a plan” so that the public can “bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” – or in other words crowdfund the half a million pound cost. Lord Ashcroft has already promised to underwrite the success of any crowdfund attempt…

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No. 10 Refuse to Deny Official Brexit Celebration Plans

Whilst today’s Downing Street press briefing consisted mostly of questions over Iran, one brave hack decided to break away and ask whether Number 10 was going to support Brexiteer MPs’ Brexit Bill amendment for Big Ben to bong at 11pm on the 31st to symbolise finally Brexiting.

The PM’s spokesperson not only didn’t deny supporting the bong amendment, he went even further, refusing to deny No. 10 weren’t planning wider official celebrations. Unfortunately for Boris, he’ll have to race Nigel to book Parliament Square…

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Public say Corbyn a Bigger ‘Villain’ than Epstein

Corbyn’s astounding and unprecedented levels of unpopularity for a Labour leader have long been commented upon, but a new poll from Opinium helps contextualise just how poorly Corbyn is perceived by the public; being ranked by 29% as the ‘villain’ of 2019 – 1% higher than disgraced – now dead – paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He’s always said he’s in a battle with billionaires…

Corbyn can find some solace in Donald Trump’s easy victory in the villainy poll, taking 39% of the vote. Is Corbyn getting used to losing by double-digit losses yet?…

Boris, on the other hand, received 19% in the reciprocal ‘hero of 2019’ poll, with David Attenborough winning on 35% to Greta Thunberg’s second place of 21%. Will the elderly ever stop stealing Greta’s dreams…

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Boris Tells Blackford to Say Something More Interesting

The popular campaign to get Ian Blackford to shut up gets a major backing today as Ian Blackford is told to “say something more interesting” by a bored, phone-playing Boris. The kind of statement to unify our divided country…

Hat-tip: STV
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Boris Promises ‘People’s Cabinet’

Boris has convened his first post-election cabinet meeting where he promised to be working an action packed “24 hours a day, working flat out”. Is he trying to beat Thatcher’s record of just four hours of sleep per night..?

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