People’s PMQs Runs Out of Questions Leaving Boris Floundering

Yesterday’s edition of People’s PMQs appeared a less-than-slick operation than we’ve become used to from Downing Street’s new digital team, as Boris ran out of questions before the end. He reverted to form, filling the remaining time in typical Boris fashion with historical waffle, this time about Queen Elizabeth I and her relationship with Shakespeare. Fortunately for Boris, Guido’s crunched the viewing figures and they don’t show sign of tailing off just yet…

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Boris Trolls the Lobby

Given the events of this week, and the collapse in relations between the Lobby and No. 10, Boris took great pleasure in looking up to the Lobby gallery when he said this. Is this the start of renewed relations between the two or a sign of even more trolling to come…

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Boris Bans the ‘B’-Word and Champions Free Trade

Boris’ tub-thumping speech this morning championed free trade and set out Britain’s future trade ambitions with both the EU and the rest of the world. Guido was hoping to clip the best bit, but unfortunately there were simply too many; so watch the full speech here

Boris announced, in what was perhaps the most ideological speech since Thatcher, that Britain will be reigniting global understanding of Adam Smith’s invisible hand and Ricardo’s comparative advantage. In Boris’ vision, a liberated UK will become a “global catalyst” to rejuvenate the global trading system. Free marketeers cheered as he scorned mercantilists and protectionists from Beijing to Paris to Washington DC…

It was widely reported that the Government would be banning the word Brexit from future business and speeches, and Boris demonstrated the new rule. The B-word – like the Glorious Revolution, the Norman conquest, or the Big Bang – is now in the past. Now it’s all about whether the UK trades with the EU like Canada or Australia…

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Watch in Full: Boris Addresses the Nation on Brexit Day
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Boris On HS2: “Keep Digging”

The journalist who has managed to squeeze the biggest clue towards uncovering the Government’s HS2 decision is ten years-old Braydon Brent. In a sit down interview with the schoolboy, Boris said “in a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.” Which isn’t quite the phrase…

HS2. Can you explain it please?

Yes I can. It’s a colossal railway line. Now the truth is, the people who did it spent far too much money, they were profligate with the way they did it. Do you know what I mean by profligate? They just wasted money. And the whole way it was managed was hopeless. So we’re in a hole. We’re in a mess. But we’ve got to get out of it and we need a way forward, so we’re thinking about how to sort it out now.

I’m sure with you as Prime Minister, I’m sure you’ll get out of it. Is it a deep hole or is it a small one?

It’s a … in a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.

Keep digging.

That’s what you’ve got to do. It’s a big hole.

Braydon, give Guido a call. we have job opening for a scoop getter like you…

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Government to Hold Final Pre-Brexit Cabinet Meeting in Sunderland

As part of the government’s muted Brexit Day plans, we were told Boris is dragging Cabinet out of London tomorrow for a special away-day meeting. It’s now been announced the Government’s final cabinet meeting whilst members of the EU will be taking place in Sunderland – famously the first place on the 23rd June to vote leave. Sunderland Council will light up buildings in red, white and blue…

Whilst the content of Boris’s ‘address to the nation’ is still under wraps, Downing Street has made it clear Boris will channel his inner Churchill with quotes like

“the most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but a beginning.”

“This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act.”

One day more…

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