Prime Minister In Car Crash as Protester Charges at Convoy

The car driving Boris back to Downing Street from Parliament was struck by one of the security vehicles in the convoy as it left parliament, after a protester charged at the car. Remainers are outside Parliament today shouting at people to try and obtain a Brexit transition period extension. Idiots.

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UK-Australia Trade Deal Talks Kick Off

Thanks to EU membership, for almost half a century the UK had to trade with Australia without a trade deal. Now freed from the EU’s customs union common commercial policy, Boris has personally launched trade talks, to massively scale up already substantial trade between the two countries. Cheaper Aussie wine here we come…

In a video from No. 10, the PM launched the talks with the amazing fact that the UK exports boomerangs to Australia, before brandishing a packet of Australian Tim Tams. Guido hears the video was influenced by Chloe Westley – the Prime Minister’s Aussie-born comms SpAd and former Vote Leave social media guru…

Aussie ambassador George Brandis told TalkRADIO this morning that this is a “moment of particular closeness between Australia and the United Kingdom”, and that negotiating a trade deal will likely be “a matter of months not years”. They’re keen on the poms down under…

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Boris’ Shagadelic Makeover

Military sources have revealed the PM’s official aircraft is receiving a secret groovy makeover that will transform the government’s official jet from a grey transport plane to a red, white and blue mascot; with one Sky source saying the paint job is like something “from Austin Powers“. It remains unknown whether the RAF jet will also see a leopard skin circular rotating bed installed…

When Cameron ordered the aircraft during austerity the argument was that it was a dual use aircraft – when needed it would convert back for military purposes, so the marginal cost was in the tens of millions rather than hundreds of millions the transport will cost taxpayers over its lifetime. As Foreign Secretary in 2018, Boris said he would like a “Brexit plane” to help him travel the world, complaining “why does it have to be grey?” Guido swingers hoping to see Bojo’s mojo in action may enjoy this video released after Boris left hospital…

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Cameron-Boris Rivalry Reignites over DfID Scrapping

It looks like the decade-long rivalry between David Cameron and Boris Johnson has ignited once again over the Government’s plan to scrap DfIDSomething Cameron sees as one of his proudest legacies…

Publicly disagreeing with a PM’s policy for the first time since leaving office, Cameron tweeted that the “decision to merge the departments is a mistake… the end of @DFID_UK will mean less expertise, less voice for development at the top table and ultimately less respect for the UK overseas.”

Thanks to Emma Hardy sitting on her phone in the Chamber, Cameron’s opposition was immediately put to Boris, who – predictably – rejected his predecessor’s criticisms.

Dave cherished DfID and the generosity of the 0.7% of GDP for foreign aid guarantee. It has long been unpopular with voters

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Tory MPs Revolt Over Boarding Up Churchill

Tory MPs have today broken their silence to call on the Government to do more to deal with protests that are spinning out of hand and increasingly straying from the original demonstrations over police injustice. Last night Tory backbenchers Conor Burns and Gary Sambrook publicly expressed their disappointment with the boarding up of Churchill and failure to deal with vandals. Guido hears the Whips are telling MPs it will be reviewing the powers of Police and Crime Commissioners after complaints over police standing back and letting vandalism take place…

The Tory MPs’ WhatsApp group is also incensed. Now Guido can reveal increasing pressure is being placed on the Prime Minister for action to stop a burgeoning cultural revolution…

Blue wall Mansfield MP Ben Bradley tells Guido

“This is increasingly aggravating my constituents who aren’t activists, they aren’t politicos, but are just being enraged by this attack on our history and our culture. Government need to be absolutely clear and firm on this if we are to keep a lid on increasing tensions. I don’t want to see divisions increased by inaction.”

Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy adds

“We need leadership to defend the values and history of this country, not create a space that allows far-right activists with their perverted view of our history to do so.”

Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill tells Guido that without the police, constituents are taking matters into their own hands

“Nearly a thousand Whitby people have signed up to protect the Captain Cook monument in Whitby. They are worried that the police stood by in London as Churchill and the Cenotaph were attacked.”

Tatton MP Ester McVey added her voice to the mix

“Those destroying statues, monuments and our cenotaphs – symbols to the nation of those who sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedoms – should be called out for what they are, vandals. If these monuments need protecting, it should be through proper robust policing and not by covering them up.”

Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris is unimpressed

“To hide Churchill, our greatest Briton is appalling. There is one law in this country and we all must abide by it irrespective of who you are and stand up for our collective values.”

North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has called on the spirit of Churchill.

“As Boris knows only too well appeasement is not the solution. With regard to dealing with the rioters we need “action this day”.”

Guido understands MPs are receiving enormous amounts of constituent correspondence over the unlawful tearing down of statues, with one northern MP telling Guido “this is bigger than Cummings”.

This morning Boris has responded with a Twitter thread, calling on people “to stay away from these protests”, which he says have been “sadly hijacked by extremists intent on violence”. Read his words in full below:

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Boris Accuses Starmer of Flip Flopping on Schools

Today’s unexpectedly low wattage PMQs was the second week in a row in which we saw Boris accuse Starmer of flip-flopping on schools. Last week he come out with the “Agree, U-Turn, Criticise” line, this week he went for Starmer’s legal background. The focus groups must like it…

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