Boris Scraps Corporation Tax Cuts

Following Guido’s reporting that Boris had scrapped reducing income tax in the budget that never was, and he’s scrapping the same income tax cuts in the forthcoming manifesto, Boris has just announced at the CBI he’s also scrapping his pledged corporation tax cuts that would have seen the rate fall from 19% to 17%. Boris is really taking liberties in the knowledge the Tories’ manifesto can’t be any worse than the last one, they’re still having a good go…

Arcuri Phoned the Wong Number

Speaking on GMB this morning, Jennifer Arcuri revealed when attempting to phone the PM two Sundays ago, Boris’s mobile was snatched by an unspecified male aide who bizarrely started talking to her in a fake Chinese accent. Guido doesn’t know which aide, there is a Mr Lee in Downing Street…

Boris Launches Tory Battle Bus

The last battlebus from a major party to get off the line, the Tories have finally launched theirs. 

Although unfortunately there’s no number on it this time…

Caller Interrupts BBC Presenter to Defend Boris’ NHS

When the BBC’s Rachel Burden asked Boris if he felt “any sense of shame that the NHS has been brought to its knees by years of Conservative government”, she probably wasn’t expecting the caller – who prompted the NHS discussion – to interrupt, praising how well she had been treated by the service, under Conservative government. The caller, Sarah, seemed pretty sceptical of just throwing more money at the organisation without reform…

“I was actually diagnosed with MS five and a half years ago, and I can honestly say the way I have been treated has been fantastic. It was very quick, and I’m now on medication and that’s why for me in the NHS it’s a must that we’ve got to cut out all this money that’s being wasted.”

Probably not quite the call that the BBC was expecting – or hoping…

Boris Uses PM 4×4 to Take Supplies to Flooded Town

All in it together with Blitz spirit…


Was Boris’s Fish and Chips Answer a Subtle Targeting Strategy?

Boris’s Party Political Broadcast yesterday included a couple of light-hearted questions, including whether he likes Marmite and whether he prefers fish and chips or a Sunday roast. Boris claimed the former was his favourite. Although he has given up getting battered for the duration of the election

While this might have been a totally innocent answer, interesting analysis shows the constituencies where fish and chip shops are the most dominant restaurant type map almost exactly on to where Boris’s top target seats are; including the North West, North Wales and particularly Cheshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

The ad looked laid back and breezy, but how many other Easter eggs were hidden in it?…

H/T to the FT, UnHerd and Steve Pickering

Labour Candidate Repeatedly Called Boris a “Legend”

Boris was always known as a Heineken politician, and it looks like one Labour candidate found himself very refreshed by his now party Rival.

James Wilder – the Labour Candidate for Newbury – made multiple posts between 2012 and 2014 calling Boris a “legend”, “What a man!” and “#Boristheboy”. Expect to see his endorsement on the Tory rival’s leaflets soon…

How Boris Became Boris

Speaking on Norwegian-Swedish talk show Skavlan, Rachel Johnson revealed the story of how Boris rebranded from Alexander whilst at Eton. Alex Johnson certainly wouldn’t have had the same recognisability… 

ERG Brokering Brexit Party Stand Down Terms with Downing Street

Guido understands despite Farage’s public offer of an electoral pact being rejected by Boris, behind the scenes the ERG is trying to broker an understanding. Farage told an ERG MP yesterday he would be “looking very closely” at the Tory manifesto, as the pair discussed the ERG’s demands that Boris makes an explicit commitment to keep ‘No Deal’ on the table during the future relationship negotiations. This morning Andrew Bridgen spoke with Downing Street and CCHQ, Farage’s hint that he would stand down candidates if the ERG’s demands were met was reportedly “well-received”. Is Farage looking to dig out of his hole?

Several ERG MPs also met with Boris this morning in CCHQ, where Tory candidates and MPs were taking photos with the PM for election literature. The ERG want the Tory manifesto to include an explicit reference that the aim of the next phase of negotiations with the EU is for a simple FTA and that if no agreement is made by the end of 2020, Britain will leave on WTO terms. Last week The Times reported that Boris will remove the threat of ‘No Deal’ from the Conservative manifesto, however, several ERG MPs have told Guido this would be akin to “surrender”. Steve Baker tells Guido: Having condemned the Surrender Act it would totally bizarre to enter FTA negotiations and rule out leaving with No Deal.”

Downing Street seems to agree, this morning the PM’s spokesman categorically ruled out extending the transition beyond 2020, “the government will not be extending the transition period”. Which means there will be a year to hammer out and finalise a free trade agreement. Easily doable given the UK-EU’s existing total regulatory alignment…

What is Boris’ Naughtiest Moment?

Boris: Trump Wrong on Trade Deals

Boris: I’m Sorry we Didn’t Leave on October 31

Tories Consider Ways to Reform Supreme Court

To avoid another disastrous campaign launch, this general election the Tories have confirmed they will be limiting themselves to a short manifesto. Using less paper is their first environmental policy commitment…

Boris has trailed most of his main pledges over the last few months – not least with the Queen’s Speech setting out most of his stall. Guido hears the Tories will once again sideline tax cuts for middle classes (as they had planned to do in the November 6 budget that never was). The pledge to increase the 40p threshold, made by Boris during his leadership election, will now appear as a mere ‘aspiration’.

The Tories are also exploring policies to slap down the power of the supreme court following the prorogation ruling and are considering a ‘national conversation about our democracy’, that will consult on the role of the Supreme Court, in addition to other constitutional issues like the boundary review. Departments and MPs have now submitted their proposals and it’s up to a small team at CCHQ working with No. 10 to sift through them and put together the Christmas wish list that will win over the public. This will not be a manifesto that drops without buy-in…

Boris More Trusted on NHS than Corybn

A Survation poll for the Daily Mail shows Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is less trusted on the NHS than Boris. 35% think Boris would be ‘best’ on the issue of the NHS, compared to 34% for Corbyn. The same poll also shows Labour are starting on 26% compared to 34% for the Tories, with the LibDems and Brexit Party on 19% and 12% respectively.[…] Read the rest


Boris’s Hilarious Bercow Send-Off Speech

A PMQs classic…[…] Read the rest


Boris Will Not be the Shortest Serving PM Ever

It has been pointed out that with the election now 44 days away, Boris will leapfrog both George Canning and Viscount Goderich to no longer be the shortest-serving PM ever. If Labour had backed an October election Labour could have prevented even this achievement…

  • Boris 97 days
  • Canning: 119 days
  • Goderich: 130 days
  • Boris (if election on Dec 12th): 141
  • Bonar Law: 211 days

Currently serving his 97th day in office, Boris’s tenure remains 22 days less than that of George Canning who died shortly after his election in 1827.[…] Read the rest


Boris Gets More Abuse than all other Party Leaders Combined

Data from the FT, who have analysed abuse MPs receive on Twitter this morning, has concluded, “The most toxic tweets came from users who mentioned the Brexit party or other hard Brexit-related terms in their user description”. Fits the mainstream narrative…

However further down the article, the FT notes that abuse towards MPs is also overwhelmingly directed at… Boris Johnson.[…] Read the rest


Boris Promised Tax Cut Focus

In news that would attract more attention if not for Brexit, the government is briefing that there will be no the major tax cuts despite the promises Boris made during his leadership campaign, such as raising the income threshold for lower earners and increasing the 40% tax rate threshold from £50,000.[…] Read the rest


Boris and Jo’s Brotherly Love-In

For all the talk of abusive language in Parliament, this Second Reading on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is currently being conducted in a very calm and friendly manner…[…] Read the rest


Boris Launches the Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading

[…] Read the rest


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