Starmer’s Silence Over Dawn Butler

Sir Keir Starmer has had literally nothing to say in response to one of his own MPs being stopped by the police over the weekend. Even Boris Johnson has put out a statement in sympathy with Dawn Butler, after she was pulled over in Hackney at the weekend when she was a passenger in a BMW driven by a black friend. Boris’s response was released this morning:

“Police have made a statement saying they made a mistake. But obviously it’s very important Met continue to do everything they can, as indeed they do, to show they’re serving every part of our country + serving every part of our community with fairness and equality”

Guido has also reproduced Sir Keir’s response in full:


Even LabourList has had no luck in drawing out a response from the Labour leader, embarrassingly for the party publishing that “LabourList has requested comment from the Labour Party and from Keir Starmer’s office, but has been referred back to Butler by the party and not received a response from the leadership.”

Starmer is clearly equally frightened of appearing ‘soft’ on law and order, or – on the other hand – of stepping into the political minefield of backing stop and search after one of his MPs – herself a vocal critic of the policing tactic – has been subjected to it. Running from both the public and his own MPs is not a good look.

As on Brexit and taxes, Sir Keir’s default is to have no position at all. He can’t stay schtum forever…

UPDATE: Following Guido’s story, Sir Keir has finally issued a two-tweet statement.

I reached out yesterday to Dawn Butler to discuss the incidence she reported and to offer our support. All allegations of racial profiling must be taken extremely seriously by the Metropolitan police.

It is imperative that the Black community have trust and confidence in our police. The abuse Dawn has received over social media is wrong and must be condemned.”

Why did that take so long?

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Friday Caption Contest (Hands Up Edition)

The funniest caption author this week will receive a complimentary copy of Iain Dale’s brand new must-have book Why Can’t We All Just Get Along. Find out who has won in next Friday’s Cap Con post. Entries in the comments…

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Boris on Illegal Immigrants: Words Versus Action

Illegal immigration via boats across the channel is set to hit a record 7,500 in 2020 – four times the rate last year. Nigel Farage has spent much of lockdown documenting the crisis, from French naval ships illegally pushing boats of migrants into British waters, to them being put up in four-star hotels at the expense of the taxpayer.

Such is the problem the Home Affairs Select Committee has today launched an inquiry into the Channel crossings, looking at the reasons behind the growth and the role of criminal gangs in facilitating the growth. In the meantime, Guido thought it would be beneficial to remind readers of Boris’s previous hardline stance – perhaps it will remind those close to him to pull their collective finger out…

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Government Publishes Planning Revolution Proposals

A landmark new twelve week consultation has been published this morning by the government, outlining how it intends to radically reform the planning system for the first time since 1947. In its foreword, the Prime Minister writes that this country’s “potential is being artificially constrained by a relic from the middle of the 20th – our outdated and ineffective planning system”, concluding that it is time for an entirely new streamlined system.

“Not more fiddling around the edges, not simply painting over the damp patches, but levelling the foundations and building, from the ground up, a whole new planning system for England.”

The consultation document draws heavily from Roger Scruton’s Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, with many themes from beauty to gentle density Back in June Dom Cummings told SpAds that planning reform was his biggest priority post-Covid…

The proposals in effect advance the democracy of planning, from controlling individual developments to setting a local plan by asking local communities to divide land into three categories:

  • Growth areas where local communities designate land for building to go ahead. Outline approval for development would be automatically secured for forms and types of development specified in the local design code.
  • Renewal areas where building can happen but subject to strict design conditions, set by local people.
  • Protected areas, such as green space, where development is restricted.

Under the proposals, local people will set both the design codes: which areas can be developed, and which can’t. If this makes it into law, the Tories just might be able to acheive the hitherto impossible – more housing that actually looks nice…

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Starmer Still Trails Boris as Public’s Preferred PM, Tories Still Preferred Party

For those of you waiting for the latest Survation, Tories will be pleased in the circumstances to add another 3 points to their lead, giving them an 8 point margin over Labour. Boris will be pleased to see he has 7 point margin over Starmer in the “Who Would Make the Best Prime Minister” stakes, less pleased that his public approval rating is neutral whereas Starmer’s is a healthy plus 9. The public is warming to Starmer slightly, still not keen on his party though. Starmer’s left-wing enemies are still demanding to know when the 20-point lead Tony Blair forecast will appear…

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Boris’s Tall Story

This morning Guido thought he detected a smirk when Boris said he was “only about 5 foot 10 at the outside”. Really?

At 5 foot 8½ Guido was sure that he was taller than Boris last time they met, so has Boris has grown in stature in his new job? Guido invites co-conspirators to forensically study the photographic evidence below:

David Cameron is 6 foot 1 and towers over Boris by 4 or 5 inches, Macron is 5 foot 6½. Downing Street sources have declined to stand up this story and will only say “He is a giant among men”. Judge for yourself…

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