SNP CND Turns on Warmongering Sturgeon

It turns out offering your two cents on controversial topics not relevant to your role as a politician might not be the cleverest move. After being firmly slapped down by the Scottish Secretary, Sturgeon’s openness to a no fly zone in Ukraine has now caused a row inside her own party. You could say explosive…

Buried in the Scottish Herald today Guido spots the convenor of the SNP campaign for nuclear disarmament movement has penned a withering letter about their leader:

“THE United States has intimated that Poland’s cunning attempt at mission creep around what is in effect a redeployment of its Mig-29s to the USAF base at Ramstein in Germany has been, quite rightly, vetoed by the US.

It ill behoves the First Minster to add her own to the voices suggesting that the option of a no-fly zone be kept on the table. A no-fly zone is precisely the sort of mission creep that could lead to a limited nuclear exchange. In case those who advise Ms Sturgeon on matters military have not pointed this out, tactical nukes in the Russian arsenal do exist. And as insane as it sounds, “escalate to de-escalate” is part of Russian doctrine.”

Sturgeon’s uneducated warmongering or SNP CND’s white flag waving? Guido rarely finds it this difficult to pick a side…

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