Get the Hottest Dress in Westminster

Sky’s Beth Rigby is reporting on today’s Queen’s Speech wearing the ‘Jungle Cat Pleated Dress’ from Whistles – the same dress that Carrie Symonds wore at Conservative Party Conference two weeks ago. You too can own October’s hottest dress in Westminster for just £179

Carrie attended today’s ceremony in a laurel wreath-style navy blue headband and dark dress, while Stanley Johnson sported a crisp white shirt and Tory blue tie similar to this Harvie and Hudson Navy Racehorses Woven Silk Tie (£50).

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Adam Claims Sky Views Not An Opinion Piece

Adam Boulton is loyally defending a colleague. The difficulty with his argument is that the piece is from “Sky Views”, which is not just the widely used pejorative nickname for the channel from critics, as the website explains “Sky Views is a series of comment pieces by Sky News editors and correspondents”. It is billed as an opinion piece and as such is permitted under Ofcom’s Broadcasting code as exempt from the requirement for impartiality. These are the words Beth wrote, she is not quoting anybody or attributing them to anybody, this is given as her own stated opinion. We have not misrepresented her words in any way. 

On the night of the referendum Beth was distraught with the result, she doesn’t like the idea of No Deal and is not a fan of Boris. She is entitled to her views, we don’t have a problem with Sky News being remainstream media, we are not forced to watch it or pay for it. Equally, we’re entitled to draw our readers attention to the slant of their coverage.

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Sky’s Beth Rigby Calls on MPs to “Dispose of Mr Johnson”

Sky News’ Political Editor Beth Rigby has written an extraordinary opinion piece for Sky’s website, arguing that “Parliament can, and should, take back control” and “dispose of Mr Johnson should he refuse to sanction a Brexit extension.” Following in the tradition of other Sky correspondents… 

The supposedly impartial broadcaster went on to lift tired Remain soundbites from “a prime minister elected by less than 0.25% of the adult population” to “leaving with no-deal wasn’t on the ballot paper in 2016.” It would have saved everyone time for Sky to cut out the middleman and just publish the People’s Vote press release…

Guido is at least grateful to Beth for revealing what she actually thinks. As if he couldn’t already tell…

UPDATE: To the many readers asking how can Sky can do this? Under the Ofcom Broadcasting Code they are allowed to express opinions if it is clearly stated as an opinion. The BBC in contrast does not permit news staff to openly express political opinions. The BBC takes the view that editorialising by news and current affairs journalists will undermine confidence in their impartiality. Quite.

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Smashing Toryoke Highlights

Always a conference highlight, iNHouse Communications’ Toryoke did not fail to disappoint last night – with journos, SpAds, and MPs busting moves and straining their vocal cords. The very merry crowd presumably included some former Bullingdon Club members with the amount of smashed glass about. That or some of the singing was more atrocious than Guido can recall..

The assembled crowd were treated to Sky’s Beth Rigby throwing some serious shapes alongside the BBC’s Vicki Young in an impassioned performance of Katy Perry’s Roar. Watch it here…

Bim Afolami showcased his singing talent alongside the Sunday Times‘ Caroline Wheeler with an heartfelt rendition of Time After Time:

Also unforgettable was the Mirror’s Pippa Crerar leading a cheeky but amazing performance of Things Can Only Get Better. Sadly Guido was too busy singing along to film it…

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Beth Rigby’s Report of PM Having “Angry Meltdown” is Fake News

Beth Rigby reported the PM having a public meltdown in the voting lobby, quite the scoop:

Brexiteer MP Marcus Fysh say it is untrue

Nadine Dorries, a Boris loyalist, says she was there, “The only finger jabbing and raised voice came from Jess as her friends photographed and filmed it. The PM could barely get a word in and was embarrassed and bemused as Jess shouted.”

These are all of course Boris loyalists, so they might be discounted, except Jess Phillips herself also denies it is true

Yet Beth has left her tweet up for her 141,000 followers to see with thousand of retweets garnered. Completely rejected as fake news by named witnesses and those involved.

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McCluskey’s Car Crash Attempt To Bully Media at Labour Conference

Yesterday evening, the Unite General Secretary flat out denied a Jon Lansman quote put to him by Sky’s Beth Rigby.

“Jon Lansman never said that. Stop telling lies. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

But Jon Lansan did say exactly what Rigby quoted.

McCluskey’s actions look like a clear attempt to discredit and gaslight journalists asking legitimate questions. Sadly for Len, this tactic doesn’t work so well when what you say is so easily disprovable, no matter how many times you say it…

The furious heckling of Beth Rigby just doing her job adds to an overtly-anti-media Labour Party conference, with Corbyn yelling at the media and Dawn Buttler lying about the ‘MSM’ not covering certain stories (that they have). And Labour like to claim they’re any different to Donald Trump…

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