Julie Bindel and Pink News Settle

Julie Bindel has settled litigation she initiated against PinkNews and its CEO Benjamin Cohen for aggravated damages in a libel claim over an interview – “The ‘Gender Critical’ Feminist Movement is a Cult That Grooms, Controls and Abuses, According to a Lesbian Who Managed to Escape”. The interview did not name Bindel, however the interviewee, Amy Dyess, named Bindel on social media multiple times. Both parties having settled the claim have issued the following joint statement:

“PinkNews and Julie Bindel are pleased to confirm that they have settled the case over the article PinkNews published on 17 May 2020, which chronicled a young American’s account of their recruitment to and time involved with a ‘gender critical cult’. The article made a number of serious allegations of misconduct and PinkNews accepts that if the allegations were understood to refer to Julie, they would be wholly untrue.

“Julie Bindel accepts that PinkNews published the article without intending to make any such reference to her. PinkNews is sorry for the distress the article caused. It has taken down the article and will not be republishing it. PinkNews has revised its editorial processes.

“We are all happy that this matter has been resolved.

Amy Dyess now goes by the name Beau Dyess, and has reportedly come out as transgender in recent months.

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Pink News CEO Picks Fight with Today Programme’s Justin Webb Over Stonewall Controversy

Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen caused quite a stir on the Today Programme this morning, after accusing the BBC of hosting “two different gay people [to talk] about trans issues […] without a single trans voice” following Liz Truss’s call for government departments to leave Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme – and the charity’s boss suggesting that freedom of speech ‘has limits‘ in the context of LGBT rights. It was possibly the most raucous exchange Guido’s ever heard on Radio 4

Clearly spoiling for a fight, Cohen also attacked presenter Justin Webb for introducing the issue despite being “cisgender”*, and suggested the coverage of Stonewall’s new “free to be” strategy reflected a “a homophobic and transphobic media frame”. The usually even-measured Webb managed to lose his patience, telling Cohen “you don’t know anything about me”, and insisting he stay on track. All very loud for an early Tuesday morning…

UPDATE:  Listeners heard denials that Stonewall want to allow trans-women into women’s refuges. Stonewall has made repeated calls for exemptions – which allow for female-only services – to be abolished. That is the logic of claiming “trans-women are women”. This is their long-standing position, see the August 2015 Stonewall submission to the Women & Equalities Select Committee:

  • A review of the Equality Act 2010 to include ‘gender identity’ rather than ‘gender reassignment’ as a protected characteristic and to remove exemptions, such as access to single-sex spaces

This is just one of the reasons why feminists have had enough and are at loggerheads with Stonewall.


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