Tory Loser Howlett Gives Lecture on “How to Win”

Defeated Tory MP Ben Howlett, who lost his seat at the election, has delivered a lecture to Tory youngsters on “how to win”. The Tory Progress talk on Saturday saw Howlett impart his wisdom on “how to win with younger voters”, which is ironic considering his Bath seat is full of students and they voted to kick him out of parliament. Those who can’t, teach…

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Friday Capton Contest: Cops Investigate Tory Drunk Edition


‘Drunk Tory MP sex assault claim’

Entries in the comments please…

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Tory MP ‘Stuck His Hands Down Man’s Pants and Tried to Kiss Him’


Tory MP Ben Howlett is the subject of police enquiries after allegedly sexually assaulting a gay couple in a nightclub in his Bath constituency. The Sun reports allegations that:

“He pushed a man up against the wall and stuck his hands down his trousers into his pants and tried to kiss him. He then grabbed his boyfriend’s crotch.”

Westminster acquaintances of Howlett, a legendary soak, will undoubtedly be shocked to learn of such alleged antics…

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Feldman ‘Given Clarke Dossier in 2010’

More evidence has emerged seeming to contradict Lord Feldman’s claim that he was “wholly unaware” of bullying allegations against Mark Clarke before August 2015. Newsnight say Tory MP Ben Howlett, then a young party activist, handed a dossier of bullying allegations – including claims against Clarke – to Feldman and Sayeeda Warsi in 2010. This appears to finally explain what Howlett meant when he said Feldman had known about Clarke “for a very long period of time”. Howlett himself is still staying silent. If Feldman was really handed a dossier containing claims about Clarke in 2010, why did he say he was “wholly unaware” before August 2015?

This Facebook post from former CCHQ aide Michael Lunn is also curious. Lunn was seen as a fixer for Conservative Future in Tory HQ between 2007 and 2010. Guido is told that he dealt with complaints about Clarke as far back as 2008. His testimony would surely show that CCHQ knew about the claims against Clarke for years, yet for some strange reason the Tories’ own internal inquiry failed to call him. Despite Feldman’s claims to the contrary, more and more evidence is coming to light that he and CCHQ knew about Clarke not for months, but for years…

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Tory MP Fails Five Times to Clarify Feldman Claim

12 days ago, Tory MP Ben Howlett disputed Lord Feldman’s claim that he was “wholly unaware” of the Mark Clarke allegations prior to August, insisting his party chairman “has been well aware of all of this for a very long period of time”. Howlett made the claim in a Newsnight interview pre-recorded before CCHQ released Feldman’s line, but aired afterwards. At the time Howlett was seen as a whistleblower bravely speaking out against his party.

It would seem from his Newsnight interview that Howlett has information that could clear up whether or not Feldman misled the public. Guido contacted him on five separate occasions yesterday, politely asking for a quick clarification of why he believed Feldman had known of allegations against Clarke “for a very long period of time”. Howlett read the messages, but failed to respond. He did however find the time to visit a ‘gin bar’ in his constituency.

Is Howlett being lent on to keep silent and protect Feldman, or was his initial allegation incorrect? Why, after bravely speaking out two weeks ago, is he now refusing to clear up this crucial point once and for all? Hardly encouraging when there are already allegations of a cover up. Either Lord Feldman and Ben Howlett is not telling the truth. Which is it?

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