European Court Fines UK Whopping €32 Million

The European Court has ruled that the UK must pay €32 million for a transgression of EU rules. Despite Government claims that we’ve left the supersate, it’s clear we are still under its thrall…

The hefty fine relates to the UK failing to enforce the prohibition of marked fuel usage in private pleasure boats within the timeframe the Commission prescribed. Although the transgression took place in Northern Ireland where EU rules still apply, the ECJ ruled to charge the whole UK economy. Apparently the penalty fine calculated from Northern Ireland’s GDP “would not be sufficiently dissuasive”, so the entire UK ‘s GDP is used instead.

Reform UK’s Northern Ireland spokesman Ben Habib nailed it:

“Three years after leaving the EU, the entire United Kingdom is still subject to EU law and European Court rulings. And, as is evident, the gravy train payments demanded by Brussels continue. Didn’t someone promise we would take back control of our laws and our cash?”

Read the full ruling below:

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