Tories Face Senior Staff Shortage and Financial Concerns

New CCHQ chair Nadhim Zahawi spoke to party staff this morning, for the first time since the news last Friday that Tory CEO Darren Mott was resigning after 30 years in the party. Zahawi promised staff that they’ll have a new CEO, or equivalent, by the end of the week. The party now lacks a CEO, a head of research, a head of the chairman’s office and a party treasurer. 

The Tories also lack a co-chair, a position that has historically been responsible for raising vast sums of cash for the party’s coffers. Ben Elliot, who was a very successful fundraiser despite some questionable headlines, resigned from his role the day Liz came to power and hasn’t yet been replaced.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of a main fundraiser and a party treasurer has left the party in a financial pickle. At today’s CCHQ staff meeting, Zahawi warned that the party will have to focus on fundraising “because of its current financial situation.”

Guido also understands the party is having to change bank. Maybe that is merely because Allied Irish is withdrawing from the SME commercial market in Great Britain, as CCHQ claims, though it is another headache incoming financial and fundraising boffins will have to deal with. Surely Nadhim could dip into his own substantial wealth to help the party out…

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Ben Elliot Resigns as Tory Co-Chairman

Ben Elliot has stepped down as co-chairman of the Conservative Party. In a statement this afternoon, Elliot said:

“Serving as co-chairman of the Conservative Party has been a huge honour and privilege. I would like to thank my various co-chairmen, colleagues on the Party Board, the National Convention, the excellent senior staff at CCHQ and of course all our professional staff, members and volunteers across the country. I would like to thank Boris Johnson for appointing me, and wish Liz Truss every success in leading our great country, particularly given the challenges of the winter ahead.”

Guido hears this may not be the last resignation before Liz enters No.10 tomorrow…

Hat-tip: Glen Owen

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