MPs Take on the Lobby on the Pitch

Yesterday saw the traditional Lobby vs MPs football showdown in a rainy Manchester. The sprightly Lobby team managed to pull ahead and secure a 4 goal victory with a final score of 4-2. Highlights included Brendan Clarke-Smith scoring a worldy for the MPs. After the game he said: “I hope I’m ahead of Maguire in World Cup squad”. Watch this space…

Meanwhile Ben Bradley booted a goal kick into someone’s head. Refreshing to see some point-scoring and foul play from politicos…


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WATCH: Ben Bradley MP Belts Out Ed Sheeran Karaoke Tune

Ben Bradley MP spent the weekend warming up his lungs for the return of Tory karaoke at conference with this rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud“. Lee Anderson filmed it, although there’s no footage of the Red Wall rottweiler grabbing the microphone himself, at least not yet. Anderson nonetheless says he “taught him [Bradley] all he needed to know about singing“.  Not the worst Guido’s heard – better than Matt Hancock at least…

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WATCH: Ben Bradshaw Still in Denial as Nissan Announces New GigaFactory

Despite Nissan’s announcement that it plans to build a massive battery ‘gigafactory’ in Sunderland by 2024, it looks like Labour’s Ben Bradshaw still can’t see the bright side of the Brexit deal. Even when it delivers a huge investment boost and creates thousands of jobs, it’s all still a ‘despite Brexit’ kind of pyrrhic victory for Ben…

Asked on Politics Live whether the announcement is a benefit of the deal, Bradshaw said:

“No, and I don’t think all of its implications and impacts have been felt yet, because we’ve been living in the last 16 months in a world dominated by Covid, and I think lots of the impacts have been concealed by that…constituents who come to me who say we’ve just given up trying to import or export stuff between us and the European Union because of the costs, the hassle, the VAT, and everything else…”

As his co-panelist Ben Bradley points out, however, non-EU exports are up, and investment continues to flood into the UK at the highest levels since the referendum. Guido doubts it’ll make much of a difference to Bradshaw though, who has been miserable for the last 5 years…

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In tonight’s LIVE with LITTLEWOOD:

  • POWER HUNGRY?  Will current Covid restrictions lead to long-term Soviet-style state overreach?
  • THE RE-GENERATION GAME  How do we mend our battered economy?
  • VACCINE BOOST Will good news on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine hasten the loosening of the lockdown?
  • GAMECHANGER?  Getting to grips with the ‘Gamestonk’ controversy

Join the show that brings you free-flowing discussion on the issues that matter with host MARK LITTLEWOOD and guests BEN BRADLEY, the Conservative MP for Mansfield;  The Sunday Telegraph’s  JANET DALEY;  The Telegraph’s OLIVIA UTLEY and Comedian and MoneyWeek columnist DOMINIC FRISBY.

They’ll also be joined by JON CALDARA of Colorado’s Independence Institute; JONATHON KITSON, a fellow at the Adam Smith Institute; JAMES PRICE, President of the Oxford Union, and DUNCAN SIMPSON of the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Be sure to join in the debate, LIVE – TONIGHT at 6PM – here or on YouTube.

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MPs Pledge Not to Take Pay Rise In Public Sector Freeze Solidarity

Mansfield’s Ben Bradley is the first* MP to publicly pledge that “if the rumours on a public sector pay freeze are true (and I don’t know whether they are) then needless to say that should include MPs too.”

Jacob Young, the MP for Redcar & Cleveland, says that if the Chancellor “says public sector workers are getting a pay freeze – then I want to be clear, that must include MPs.”

Guido will be contacting MPs to see if who will pledge to freeze their pay in solidarity with the public sector. Ideally the government should find time to simply amend the legislation so that IPSA’s pay rise recommendations can in future be rejected by a straightforward vote on the floor of the Commons. MPs can stop this faux wringing of hands as their pockets are filled with inflation busting pay rises…

In the long term Britain should move to a Singaporean style model for MPs pay – salaries are performance-linked, to ensure that political leaders are accountable for their roles and responsibilities. Pay is benchmarked against high calibre earners’ incomes, then discounted 40% for public service. MPs are paid performance related bonuses on top, with the salaries linked to the socio-economic outcomes of Singaporeans. British MPs’ pay could do with linking to the general prosperity of their voters, the people whose interests they are supposed to represent. If the people prosper, MPs’ pay will rise.

Guido is compiling a tally of MPs who are refusing a pay rise. Are you an MP without their snout in the trough? Email Guido from an account or with a link to a public statement to join the list of non-wronguns…

*UPDATE: John Redwood also tweeted this on Friday.
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Deep Dive Investigation: Ben Bradley on Food Vouchers

Ben Bradley continues to lead the pack of Tory MPs willing to stick their head above the parapet on the current free school meals debate, today telling his constituents that parents of hungry kids could be squandering food vouchers on “scuba gear” in Aldi.

Ben has naturally got flak from the left over this. Guido’s not sure either side is right here – after all, give a poor family a fish and they’ll eat for a day; give a poor family scuba gear and they could catch fish to eat for life…

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