BBC Hides A&E Doctor’s Union Activist Background

The BBC is back to old tricks. While covering ongoing NHS strike ballots, they bought in Andrew Meyerson, introduced simply as “an accident and emergency doctor in London”. 

Andrew isn’t just a doctor. He’s also a prolific union activist.

It only takes a brief flick through Andrew’s social media to find evidence of his Corbynista credentials. From posing with Mick Lynch and members of Labour’s parliamentary Socialist Campaign Group (and Barry Gardiner); to promoting both Novara Media and Momentum content and posting a protest sign with the thoughtful slogan “Piss off Rishi”. Hardly an objective commentator…

Andrew’s segment was filled with all the talking points you might expect. He called for a wealth tax, he made the claim that the government had failed to listen to a single health expert, and then catastrophised over four separate NHS “crises”.

His views, however questionable, are not the issue. The problem is that the BBC presented a partisan activist simply as an ordinary working professional. As always, transparency is key…

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Wet Tory Wins Committee Endorsement From Lefty Labour MPs

If co-conspirators remember Dr Neil Hudson, Guido will be impressed. Hudson took Rory Stewart’s old Penrith seat back in 2019 and has so far proved just as, if not more, rebellious than his predecessor. A year ago Guido revealed his Tory MP colleagues were becoming increasingly bitter towards him, not just because of his ranking as the most rebellious 2019 intake MP. He also wrote a Mail on Sunday op-ed self-promoting one of his rebellions on animal welfare, which not only increased abuse directed to non-rebelling Tory MPs, it resulted in him being labelled a “judas” after it emerged he took £900 for the hit job. Happy families…

Now Dr Neil’s anti-Tory credentials are growing. Following the resignation of porno MP Neil Parish, a vacancy has arisen for chair of the environmental select committee, for which Hudson is in the running. Guido has now been passed a message doing the rounds endorsing Hudson for the chairmanship – signed by four solidly left-wing Labour members of the committee. Rosie Duffield, Ian Byrne, Geraint Davies and Barry ‘CCP’ Gardiner…

The round-robin asks MPs – presumably sent to non-Tories – to support wet Hudson, who “works consensually with us on the committee — often against his Conservative colleagues. He has been independent in voting against his party…”

“He is a qualified vet who brings real expertise to the committee and we urge colleagues to make him your first choice (or second preference if committed to another) for the Chair.”

The fact he is a qualified vet will come as a surprise to any recipients of the letter, given Dr Neil hardly ever mentions it. Ever since the defection of Christian Wakeford, Tory MPs have been wondering if anyone else may be considering a leap… One to bear in mind.

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Barry Gardiner Escapes China Questioning on Politics Live

A lucky escape for Barry Gardiner on Politics Live this afternoon, with host Jo Coburn asking everyone on the panel to give their views on China’s ‘zero Covid’ policy at the end of the show – everyone, that is, apart from Barry…

Given Beijing Barry was found to have accepted £500,000 in donations from a Chinese spy, Guido would have thought it was an opportune time to ask Barry if he thinks the country’s barbaric Covid lockdown policy is a smart idea, and likewise, whether it was wise to accept so much cash from a CCP operative. Perhaps a chance to clear the air…

Not so. Instead, he sat quietly in his chair as Coburn gave the floor to every other guest before hastily announcing it was time to wrap up. Saved by the bell…

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Gardiner Says Staffer Son of Suspected Spy Wasn’t Aware of Mother’s “Illegal Activity”

Following the bombshell revelation today that a suspected CCP spy has infiltrated Parliament and targeted Labour MP Barry Gardiner, Gardiner has now released a full statement claiming he has been “liaising with our Security Services for a number of years” regarding Christine Lee, and her son Daniel Wilkes – who worked for Gardiner – “wasn’t complicit” in his mother’s activities.

Gardiner says her son left his employment as diary manager just this morning, meaning he still had access to the parliamentary estate until hours ago, however claims the security services have “no intelligence that shows he was aware of, or complicit in, his mother’s illegal activity”. He promises to continue working with the security services…

“Today the Parliamentary Security Director issued a Security Service Interference Alert in relation to Christine Lee and her attempts to engage in political interference on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

I have been liaising with our Security Services for a number of years about Christine Lee and they have always known, and been made fully aware by me, of her engagement with my office and the donations she made to fund researchers in my office in the past. Steps were taken to ensure Christine Lee had no role in either the appointment or management of those researchers. They are also aware that I have not benefitted personally from those donations in any way. She ceased funding any workers in my office in June 2020.

All the donations were properly reported in the register of members’ interests and their source verified at the time. I have been assured by the Security Services that whilst they have definitively identified improper funding channelled through Christine Lee, this does not relate to any funding received by my office.

Christine Lee’s son volunteered in my office many years ago and was subsequently employed by me as a diary manager. He resigned from my employment earlier today. The Security Services have advised me that they have no intelligence that shows he was aware of, or complicit in, his mother’s illegal activity.

I will continue to work closely with our security services in this and all other matters that relate to the security of our country.

Barry Gardiner
Member of Parliament for Brent North”

Christine Lee was also the founder and co-chair of the British Chinese Project, which claimed to be a “non-partisan, voluntary organization seeking to raise the presence of the Chinese community in the British political arena”. She ran the group alongside her other son, Michael Wilkes. Research revealed that both Lee and Wilkes had previously congratulated Tory MP Alan Mak for his electoral victory in 2015 and the BCP referred to “our Chinese candidates”. Guido spoke to Mak – now a government whip – who said he had “never met [and] never spoke with [Lee]”, adding the BCP were a “bad bunch” who he’d “always stayed away from”. Fair to say this story is gripping SW1…

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Barry Gardiner’s Advice to Infighting MPs

From a message sent by Barry Gardiner to fellow Labour MPs ahead of last night’s PLP meeting:

“Here’s a message of solidarity to my parliamentary comrades: ‘Shut the f*** up!'”

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Barry Bids Farewell to China’s Uighur Abuse-Denying Ambassador

The tenure of China’s UK ambassador, Liu Xiaoming, has come to an end. The Chinese Communist Party’s representative in London hosted a Zoom goodbye party in lieu of the usual champagne and canapes evening that a departing ambassador might hope for. Ironically thanks to the virus his country inflicted on the world…

Liu, who in July blamed reports of forced Uighur sterilisation on “anti-China elements“, tweeted a photo of his guests bidding him adieu. Guido spotted one conspicuous attendee on the Zoom screen – Labour MP Barry Gardiner. Barry is one of the cosiest MPs with China, having received over £500,000 since 2015 from a Chinese law firm which fronts for the regime’s leaders. Shameless.

As you can see from above, Barry was not the only tosser Guido spotted Liu Xiaoming watching in the last year… 

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