Lifelong Labour Voter Blasts Barry Gardiner for Taking Him for Granted

A furious former-Labour Welsh Brexiteer called into Barry Gardiner’s LBC phone-in to articulate the rage of many at Labour’s taking their votes for granted, warning that Labour’s fortunes in Scotland will soon be seen in Wales. Watch the brilliant tirade in full above…

Gardiner’s Wishful Reaction to YouGov’s MRP Poll

Reacting to the seismic YouGov MRP poll, giving the Tories a 68 majority, Barry Gardiner hopes:

“For those who were thinking of voting Conservative, I hope this poll gives them great comfort, they sit back, they say ‘I don’t need to go out and vote on polling day because it’s wet and it’s windy’,”

Gardiner Flails When Andrew Neil Exposes Corbyn’s Fake NHS News

The second excruciating Andrew Neil interview Labour has had to go through took place last night, when Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner was shown up over Jeremy Corbyn’s blatant fibs to the electorate. Labour are banking on people not being bothered to read the 451 pages they produced. Unfortunately for them, Guido has

With this and snapping at a journalist for mentioning anti-Semitism, Gardiner has not been having a good media round…

Barry Gardiner Loses Cool over Anti-Semitism Question

Barry Gardiner lost his cool this morning at the Labour Party’s event designed to move on the conversation to UK-US trade, when some reporters asked about Anti-Semitism. It’s not going to be brushed under the carpet that easily…

Barry Gardiner Accuses Anti-Semitism Whistleblowers of Having “Political Axe to Grind”

Barry Gardiner has come out swinging this morning after the latest reports that Labour have instructed attack dog law firm Carter Ruck to send aggressive letters threatening former staff members who have blown the whistle to BBC Panorama over Labour anti-Semitism. Despite official Labour policy being to ban NDAs “which stop disclosure of future discrimination, harassment or victimisation” to be banned, Gardiner defends Labour’s actions and then accuses the whistleblowers of having a “political axe to grind”. Just another day in Corbyn’s Labour Party…

Gardiner Hits Out at Blair: ‘Not Once Did He Mention Democracy’

Labour continuing its painful contortions simultaneously claiming to be both pro and anti-Brexit…

Barry Gardiner: I Abhor What’s Gone on in Venezuela

Barry Gardiner says you have “no moral platform” if you don’t speak out against human rights abuses in left-wing countries as well as right-wing countries. He might need to have a word with his party leadership…

Friday Caption Contest (Times Have Changed Edition)

Entries in the comments…

Gardiner: Labour Would Continue With Brexit

The People’s Gardiner hasn’t been giving much truck to the People’s Vote, saying it is the responsibility of the government to unite the country, not divide it as a second referendum would do, and confirming that Labour would press ahead with negotiating Brexit if they won a general election. Sorry, Chuka…

Gardiner: Second Referendum Would Throw May A Lifeline

“We’ve said we haven’t ruled anything off the table… but actually to have a second referendum would be to throw this Government a lifeline.”

Beijing Barry Pockets Another £77,000 From China-Linked Firm

Barry Gardiner has trousered another £77,000 from a law firm whose founder is linked to the Chinese regime, bringing the total he has accepted to over £380,000. Readers will remember how ‘Beijing Barry’ hit the headlines last year for taking huge sums in donations from Christine Lee & Co. Christine Lee describes herself as a “legal adviser to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK” and “legal adviser to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council” in China. Her son, Daniel Wilkes, works in Gardiner’s office as a parliamentary researcher. The register states Wilkes is “paid by Christine Lee & Co (solicitors) for the work I do in Parliament”…

Would young Dan have his parliamentary pass if mum wasn’t splashing the cash? Gardiner’s current brief concerns international trade with China. He was a vocal advocate of the Hinkley Point power station deal, which involved a Chinese state-backed firm. Both the donations and employing Christine Lee’s son are allowed under parliamentary rules. Which says more about the rules than anything else…

Emma Barnett Skewers Barry Gardiner

Emma Barnett asks Barry Gardiner:

“Which Barry Gardiner is telling the truth? The one who speaks in private or the one who’s on TV now?”

Barry Gardiner Brexit Car Crash

Tough morning for Bazza, who was skewered by Emma Barnett firstly on Labour’s Lewisham East candidate Janet Daby vowing to defy Corbyn on Brexit…

… And then on the leaked recording in which he admitted Labour’s Brexit policy is bollocks:

Gardiner totally unable to go on broadcast and talk about Brexit…

‘Beijing Barry’ Takes £43,000 from China-Linked Firm

Barry Gardiner is still pocketing tens of thousands of pounds from a law firm whose head is linked to the Chinese regime. New figures show the Shadow International Trade Secretary has accepted £43,500 from Christine Lee & Co so far this year. […] Read the rest


Friday Caption Contest (The People’s Gardiner Edition)

Entries in the comments…[…] Read the rest


Barry Gardiner Doing Question Time This Week

Guido has had confirmation from the BBC that Barry Gardiner is on Question Time this week. Good thing it’s after the watershed…[…] Read the rest


Gardiner: Labour’s Brexit Policy is Bollocks

Barry Gardiner on Labour’s “six tests” in a leaked recording obtained by the BBC:

“Well let’s just take one test – the exact same benefits. Bollocks. Always has been bollocks and it remains it.”

Surely he’s done…[…] Read the rest


Gardiner Caught Blatantly Lying

They call Barry Gardiner the “Constant Gardiner” because he never knows when to stop digging. When the Labour moderate website Red Roar reported over the weekend that he had called the Good Friday Agreement a “shibboleth”, the Shadow International Trade Secretary decided to deny the story:

[…] Read the rest


Lobby Warned Change is Coming at Correspondents Dinner

Last week Corbyn played to his fanbase with that not-at-all-sinister viral video warning the free press “change is coming”. Last night the shadow cabinet – plus Jezza’s media outriders including Evolve Politics sellout Matt Turner – dusted off their black tie and joined the mainstream media at the Westminster Correspondents Dinner.[…] Read the rest


Barry Gardiner Squirms Over Customs Union Flip-Flop

Labour have sent Barry Gardiner out on broadcast to defend their customs union u-turn, a brave choice given his previous statements on why we shouldn’t stay in “a” customs union with the EU.[…] Read the rest


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