Everyone Keeps Laughing at Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner’s leadership scoping doesn’t appear to be going particularly well, if today’s public reactions are anything to go by. Both the Kay Burley Show this morning and Politics Live this afternoon descended into fits of giggles when discussing the Shadow Trade Secretary. What is it about Barry that’s just so funny?

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Barry’s On-Air Plea to Len

Barry Gardiner took to Victoria Derbyshire this morning to further shoot down claims that he was in cahoots with Len McCluskey in a leadership bid. Gardiner did, however, confirm he is considering standing with just four days until nominations close. His live-on-air direct pitch to Len is worth watching…

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Gardiner Might Stand for Leader

Lewis Goodall was delighted to break his exclusive last night that there may be an unexpected seventh entrant to the Labour leadership contest – Barry Gardiner. If he does enter, he’ll remarkably find himself behind even Lady Nugee

Around an hour later, Kevin Schofield managed to get in contact with Barry, and confirm that he is “clueless” (not generally, somehow about this supposed run for Labour Leader) and is currently in the Middle East at a climate change conference in Abu Dhabi.

Scrambling to stand up his story, Goodall eventually ascertained that Gardiner is weighing up a leadership bid, though Len McCluskey says it’s ‘utter nonsense” that he’s backing Barry as originally claimed. The Shadow International Trade Secretary confirmed he is weighing up his options in running against Corbyn’s presumed successor, arguing he “isn’t convinced Rebecca Long Bailey can win”. The farce is completely typical of Gardiner, showing ankle after the PLP hustings, wounding Becky, somehow getting support from Corbynista outriders despite having supported the Iraq war. LOLabour…

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Lifelong Labour Voter Blasts Barry Gardiner for Taking Him for Granted

A furious former-Labour Welsh Brexiteer called into Barry Gardiner’s LBC phone-in to articulate the rage of many at Labour’s taking their votes for granted, warning that Labour’s fortunes in Scotland will soon be seen in Wales. Watch the brilliant tirade in full above…

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Gardiner’s Wishful Reaction to YouGov’s MRP Poll

Reacting to the seismic YouGov MRP poll, giving the Tories a 68 majority, Barry Gardiner hopes:

“For those who were thinking of voting Conservative, I hope this poll gives them great comfort, they sit back, they say ‘I don’t need to go out and vote on polling day because it’s wet and it’s windy’,”

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Gardiner Flails When Andrew Neil Exposes Corbyn’s Fake NHS News

The second excruciating Andrew Neil interview Labour has had to go through took place last night, when Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner was shown up over Jeremy Corbyn’s blatant fibs to the electorate. Labour are banking on people not being bothered to read the 451 pages they produced. Unfortunately for them, Guido has

With this and snapping at a journalist for mentioning anti-Semitism, Gardiner has not been having a good media round…

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