Corbyn to Invite Hamas Supporting Muslim Association of Britain to Downing Street if Elected

Jeremy Corbyn announced today that he would invite the Muslim Association of Britain to Downing Street if elected, specifically name-checking a group that published the anti-semitic, blood libel, and was until recently led by Azzam Tamimi, a man with close links to Hamas in Gaza, who repeatedly declared that “we are all Hamas”. MAB’s spokesman Anas Al-Tikriti has said that the British people would burn as a result of the War on Terror and that the 7/7 attacks were an inevitable consequence of it:

“Britain’s foreign policy, which turned London into a target for terrorist attacks. Decency requires us to say so… the war against terror is not our war, but the war of British PM Tony Blair, who should know that if he ignites a war, his people will inevitably be burned by it.”

When you are launching a ‘Race and Faith Manifesto’ and trying to emphasise your commitment to fighting anti-semitism, it is probably not a good idea to extend an invitation to a supporter of an organisation that tries every day to kill Jews…

UPDATE: Mainstream have released a report on 10 Labour candidates who have potentially breached IHRA antisemitism definitions. Louise Ellman, the former Labour MP, writes in the forward

Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly states that he is doing everything he can to remove antisemitism inside the Labour Party. But the facts show otherwise. A number of Labour parliamentary candidates have now been exposed for their hurtful remarks against Jewish people, or for spreading vile conspiracy theories. Jewish members like me have been driven out. If the party is to regain any credibility as an anti-racist party it must immediately suspend all candidates who have breached IHRA guidelines. That is the least it can do to recognise the depths to which it has plunged.”

Download the full report here.

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