Novara Media’s YouTube Channel Restored

Guido is pleased to report that after 100 minutes offline, Novara Media’s YouTube channel has been restored. It was inexplicably terminated this morning, without prior warning or explanation. So far, YouTube haven’t explained anything. Still, Guido is pleased the channel back online. Even those who vehemently disagree with Novara’s politics immediately lent their support to the team, including the editors of The Spectator and Griptthe political editor of The Sun, and, of course, our own editor. Tech platform censorship is obviously a serious problem, and it’s right to resist it whatever one’s individual politics. Ash and Aaron would do the same for us, right?

UPDATE:  For our take on the freedom of speech implications watch our latest Guido Talks.

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Guido versus Low Paying Novara

Guido clearly touched Novara’s nerves today after highlighting their low wage hypocrisy. Novara’s Ash Sarkar took the fight to Twitter, telling Guido to “f**k off into the sea.” Guido couldn’t possibly let Ash have the last word… 

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Brighton’s Low Wage Hypocrites

Ash Sarkar has slammed the “shameful” Labour Party for instructing shadow ministers to argue against a £15 minimum wage. Given Ash’s passionate diatribe one would expect all Novara Media staff to be paid at least £15 per hour. Wrong! Novara Media recently advertised for a “Social Media Editor” to be paid just £12.50 per hour. Incidentally, Guido pays a higher hourly rate to our lowest paid reporter…

Luckily for Ash, she isn’t the only minimum wage campaigner to underpay staff. Last week Guido exclusively revealed that Labour Party’s conference stewards are being paid less than £10 per hour, despite campaigning for a £10 minimum wage. Another classic example of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do activism…

UPDATE:  The above article really touched a nerve at Novara Media, the ever-charming Ash Sarkar tweeted in reply:

So according to Ash, after a little bit of revisionism on the timing, they stopped paying “shamefully” low wages as long as February, 7 months ago, just coincidentally after they last advertised a job at “shamefully” low wages. The gross take home for that part-time job worked out at £1,200 monthly, even next week at the promised new raised rate it will still only pay £1,584 a month, which is £1,382.30 after tax. Not enough to live on in London and whomever takes that job will almost certainly have to get a second job to make ends meet. Unless they have rich parents…

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WATCH: ‘Literal Communist’ Ash Sarkar Now Rejects “Authoritarian Socialism”

Ash Sarkar was either hamming up her agreeableness for Politics Live’s more middle-class audience, or she’s performed a significant climbdown from her infamous Piers Morgan “I’m literally a Communist” outburst. Discussing whether young people are rejecting capitalism, Sarkar was asked by Tory MP Tom Hunt to name “a successful socialist country”. Ash responded:

“I’m with you in a critique of authoritarian socialism, I’m a democrat, I like political freedoms”

Give it another few years and she’ll be a Telegraph columnist at this rate…

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Left Thwarted by Labour’s Marginal Victory in Batley & Spen

Bad news for TrotsApp: Leadbeater won the Batley & Spen by-election. Having spent the last few weeks hoping a Labour loss would end Starmer’s leadership and enable a far-left takeover, the socialist crew are now cheering through gritted teeth at the result – all the while keen to remind Sir Keir it only proves he needs their “radical domestic policies” to survive, and pretending they aren’t furious they can’t replace him with John McDonnell. 

  • Owen Jones claimed this morning that “a possible electoral disaster is a certainty” if Starmer continues to pursue “more factional warfare”. In other words, if Starmer continues to try and distance himself from the Corbyn golden years.
  • Aaron Bastani insisted Labour won by “keeping Starmer at safe distance“, and retweeted the astute analysis of Michael Walker (fellow Novara intellectual), who speculated whether Starmer “would come up with some ideas for once, or just intensify factional war against the left.” Because McDonnell / Rayner / Dawn Butler would be great unifiers…
  • Ash Sarkar spent the morning calling Dan Hodges an “idiot pundit” and promoting her new book.

Angela Rayner, meanwhile, has tweeted to congratulate Kim Leadbeater “and the whole Labour team“. Oozing conviction…

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Lefties Who Want Labour to Lose in Batley & Spen

Polls are now open in the Batley & Spen by-election, and the Tories aren’t the only ones hoping they’ll storm to victory. In a rare moment of bipartisan consensus, the TrotsApp crowd are also quite openly banking on a Labour car-crash – and using it as an opportunity to ram through a more left-wing candidate in any looming leadership challenge. The Socialist Campaign Group are even reported to have met last night to discuss the best strategy for capitalising on the loss. Brace for crocodile tears over the result come tomorrow morning…

Inevitably Owen Jones is at the front of the pack. Ever since Labour lost in Hartlepool, Owen’s been beating the drum for a far-left takeover of the party, and now he’s made his big pitch:

“If Labour lose the Batley and Spen by election, Starmer will have to resign…if Keir Starmer resigns, then you need 20 MPs, and the left would then have a very good chance at putting a candidate forward. A lot of people would say John McDonnell would be the obvious candidate in that particular circumstance.”

Yes, John McDonnell is the man to help rebuild the Red Wall he helped destroy in 2019. Obviously. 

Team Novara’s not far behind, with Aaron Bastani saying Keir Starmer is now the worst person, at the worst moment, to lead the Labour Party, and claiming George Galloway “could leave Starmer staring into the abyss”. Ash Sarkar also declared “it would be disastrous to put Keir Starmer in post until the next general election”. It’s certainly been amusing to watch them all pretend they’re really unhappy about Galloway’s arrival…

Then there are the MPs. Diane Abbott’s already suggestedit must surely be curtains” for Starmer if Labour lose, Angela Rayner is doing her best to act like she’s not about to mount a leadership challenge, and even Lisa Nandy is thinking of giving it another go. And to think this by-election was all about “local issues”…

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