Sandbach’s Company in Receipt of Huge EU Payments

Political titan Antoinette Sandbach uses her maiden name in public life, choosing not to use her married name – Antoinette Sherratt. There’s nothing unusual in this, bar the fact she continues to use her maiden name in her capacity as company director of Hafodunos Farms Ltd.

Hafodunos Farms Ltd received £23,588.02 in EU subsidies for 2017, and £25,173.29 in EU subsidies for 2018, through the Common Agricultural Policy. Both payments would’ve given Sandbach a six-figure income from the taxpayer…

Feathering her big nest even more will be the £27,000 payout she will receive if she loses her seat. If she had just resigned without contesting, she would have left with no payout…

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Sandbach to Stand as Independent

Political titan Antoinette Sandbach has announced she is to stand as a second referendum candidate in Eddisbury. She’ll get a £27,000 payout if she loses rather than if she stands down – feathering her big nest…

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Antoinette Sandbach Loses Local Vote of Confidence

Former Tory Member of Parliament for Eddisbury Antoinette Sandbach has lost a vote of confidence from her local association. Reports from the constituency meeting say there was overwhelming demand for a new candidate. She does like a Peoples’ Vote. There is now no way back for Sandbach, who would have had to had the whip restored in order to be reselected as a Conservative candidate. The Association will now select a new candidate for the safe Tory seat…

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Local Association Push to Ditch Sandbach

The five stages of grief dictate after losing someone close to you, one will cycle through denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. For Antoinette Sandbach’s Local Association, it appears they are yet to clear that first stage following their MP being booted out the party last month. Could she be soon-bach in the Tories?

A letter seen by Guido from the Eddisbury Conservatives shows the agenda for Sandbach’s upcoming EGM, which has two items on the agenda to be approved or otherwise by the membership:

  1. Should the whip be returned, the Association has confidence in Antoinette Sandbach MP
  2. Eddisbury Conservative Association wish to engage with CCHQ to commence the process of selection of their candidate as soon as possible

Guido has learned that the association is actively gunning to get shot of Sandbach – indeed they were before she lost the whip – and hope to get a new candidate in place asap. Looks like Sandbach’s career is formally coming to an end…

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Sandbach: I’ll Report Non-Constituents Who Email Me to the Police

Ultra-Remoaner Tory MP Anotinette Sandbach recently got into trouble for reporting an OAP to the police for sending her a polite email criticising her views on Brexit. Pretty bonkers even by Sandbach’s standards. Well, now Antoinette has updated her standard email auto-reply, threatening non-constituents who email her that she might report them to the cops:

“Please note that due to strict Parliamentary protocols, I will be unable to take up concerns of non-constituents.  If you are not a constituent and you have sent me a campaign email please note that your email will be retained in accordance with my data policy and may be disclosed to third parties in accordance with my data policy.  Emails which are abusive, threatening distressing or which may or could amount to harrassment will be disclosed to the police and relevant regulators.  For the avoidance of doubt any further contact from non constituents, who have received this bounceback and are therefore aware that I can not deal with their query may be classed as harrasment may be reported to the police and other relevant authorities including the House of Commons authorities and the Member of Parliament for the non constituent.”

Totally normal behaviour.

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Sandbach Quits WhatsApp Group Complaining About “Hard Brexiteers”

Tory backbencher Antoinette Sandbach is one of the most hardcore ultra Remainers – she makes Anna Soubry look Eurosceptic. She hates Brexit so much that she’s removed herself from the Tory MPs’ WhatsApp group because she can’t bear to read messages from colleagues she calls “Hard Brexiteers”. A few weeks back Antoinette kicked Nadine Dorries out of the WhatsApp group in a fit of pique. Now she’s gone herself, announcing her departure in an angry message to MPs. Put the phone down Antoinette, it’s only Brexit…

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