Shadow Minister Says Labour Government Will Re-Enter Single Market and Customs Union… as Exports to EU Hit Record High

Shadow justice minister Anna McMorrin has been caught by The Sun admitting a Labour government would try to undo Brexit, in order to rejoin the Single Market and Customs Union as a precursor to potentially rejoining entirely. Unfortunately for McMorrin, the leaked video came out the same day it emerged UK exports to the EU have hit their highest levels since records began…

McMorrin told a group of Labour activists last week:

“Customs union and single market at the very least, I think. In the future I hope we return to that… Certainly need to renegotiate the current deal, and I hope eventually that we will get back into the single market and customs union and then who knows?”

ONS figures released yesterday spell out in black and white that “EU exports have increased for the third consecutive month in April 2022 and are at the highest levels since records began.” Exports of goods to the EU, excluding precious metals, increased by £1.2 billion in April 2022, reaching £16.4 billion. Their highest level in current prices since the ONS began records in 1997. Good luck building a case to rejoin the customs union with these figures…

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Labour Development Minister Slams Government for Meeting 0.7% Aid Target

Shadow Development Minister Anna McMorrin last night hit out against Government plans to maintain the controversial target of spending 0.7% of GDP on international aid. Because the Coronavirus recession has meant UK GDP has shrunk, in order to continue to hit 0.7%, overseas aid spending is now being cut by £2.9 billion. McMorrin blasted the UK for continuing to meet its international commitment, saying:

“Sneaked out on Parliament’s last day. Vital programmes are already being cut and this will only exacerbate the already desperate conditions many people are living with. Little or no access to running water and medical supplies, we should be helping not cutting vital lifelines.”

Presumably this means Labour policy is now to spend more than the recommended 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid…

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