Laurence Fox is an Oil Painting

According to the press release, Laurence Fox is posing here at Reclaim Party HQ with portraits by Anna Mazzotta. Anna apparently felt compelled to paint for Laurence Fox, whom she describes as “fighting the good fight for us all”.

“I particularly believe in Laurence’s freedom of expression message. Freedom of expression means having the freedom to offend and have a robust debate. That’s what Laurence is all about. No other political party has got a proper handle on this and how it’s supposed to sacrosanct to our functioning Democracy”

Anna was introduced to the Reclaim Party by her friend, a former Labour Party adviser and now Reclaim Party representative for women in the South East, the broadcaster Lois Perry (the blonde in the middle). Anna was a Corbynista, voted for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election, and now says she’s switched to backing the Reclaim Party Leader Laurence Fox.  Laurence Fox, you will recall, also voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, before he decided to set up his own party to fight wokeness. The sale proceeds for the painting will go towards Variety, the children’s charity. You can buy the above painting of Lozza and Britannia in a greasy spoon cafe via for a mere £5,280…

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