Widders’ Barnstorming Maiden Speech

Thirty two years after her maiden speech in the House of Commons, Ann Widdecombe has made her debut performance in the European Parliament.

“There is a pattern consistent throughout history of oppressed people turning on the oppressors. Slaves against their owners, the peasantry against the feudal barons, colonies Mr. Verhofstadt against their empires! And that is why Britain is leaving.”


Widdecombe: No One Can Claim Brexit Party Votes Were Cast For “Other Reasons”

Widdecombe: “My Former Party Has Gone Mad”

55 Years of Tory Loyalty Broken

After 55 years of party loyalty to leaders ranging from Heath to Thatcher, after first being elected as a Tory 43 years ago in 1976, the impossible has happened. Ann Widdecombe has left the Conservative Party. She is seen in the tabloids and on reality TV as the definitive Tory.

The mood with the Conservative Party is furiously mutinous. Downing Street this morning is calmly pointing to polls from early April showing the PM regularly beats Corbyn as choice of ‘best PM’ by around 10 points – neglecting to mention “Don’t Know” is the top choice. They also cite a YouGov poll from April 1 showing 68% saying that “If Theresa May were to stand down and someone else were appointed leader it “would probably not help resolve the issue of Brexit”. This was of course before she May invited Corbyn in to determine the terms of Brexit…

Tories Despair of Theresa May

The ConservativeHome headline says it all May breaks the record for most unpopular Conservative minister ever in our Cabinet League Table. Theresa May has lost the confidence of the men in grey suits who have told her in no uncertain terms it is time to go, the parliamentary party and the national party in the country. The question is how soon she will go?

Anne Widdecombe has quit the Tories for the Brexit Party, something Guido would until now have seen as probable as the ravens leaving the Tower of London. Die-hard Tories intend to vote for the Brexit Party. Theresa May has split the Conservative Party…

Will Widders Win #CBB 2018?

Ann Widdecombe has miraculously survived Celebrity Big Brother long enough to make it to tonight’s final. Ann’s many idiosyncrasies have entertained the nation. Tory Chair Brandon Lewis is backing her:

After Toff’s I’m a Celeb triumph could another Tory be set for reality TV success?

Ann Widdecombe in ‘Trans Row’ on Celebrity Big Brother

Ann Widdecombe has been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for barely 48 hours and has already been accused of ‘victim blaming’ and ignited a ‘transphobia row’. In reality, the former Tory MP is using her time on the show to deliver some classic Widders plain speaking to her fellow housemates, as this clip shows. How long will she last?

Ann Widdecombe Tells Owen Jones: “Stop Squeaking!”

If only Ann was around every time he’s on telly…

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