Leave Heavers Tug For Victory

Always keen to see an MP at the end of a rope, Guido popped down to the annual parliamentary Tug of War last night (all proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support). Ladies first – Macmillan employees versus Therese Coffey’s team of MPs. Kelly Tolhurst chose the losing side again…

Then the men’s Lords v Commons bout, which saw well-built Remainiacs Alec Shelbrooke (his sixth tug of war appearance) trialling the phrase “Remain” instead of “Stay” as a rallying cry to team-mates. Though in the end it was the Leave heavers who made the difference – hardman captain Mike Penning and Eurosceptic musclemen Nigel Adams and David Burrowes tugged their team to victory. Even the Daily Politics’ Giles Dilnot turning out as a ringer for the Lords couldn’t stop them. Highlight was Bercow calling Shelbrooke “a very big bloke” – Shelbers replied “it’s all relative…”

SNP Goals


The SNP amendment lost 80 to 516 last night, though they did manage to back the Tory rebels’ amendment, which prevailed. Which may go some way to consoling Angus MacNeil’s grief over the Scotland – Germany match. The Germans won 3 – 2 without requiring penalties…

Och No! Angus MacNeil Spends EU Vote in Loo

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53 SNP MPs voted against the EU Referendum Bill in the Commons last nights. But one was missing:

According to Labour whips, he was hiding in there after going through the wrong lobby, and not wanting his Aye vote to be cast.

Ken Clarke abstained too, but for a different sort of crap.

UPDATE: MacNeil speaks exclusively to Guido:

“Felt I needed a little attention from Daily Mail as they were ignoring the SNP and wanted to make new MPs feel good when experience makes an mistake but mostly was distracted by Labour and Tories pleading for SNP votes for Select Committees”

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