Geidt’s Resignation Disrupts Rayner’s Pointless Letter-Writing

With Lord Geidt’s role as Independent Adviser on Ministers’ Interests still vacant, poor Angela Rayner has lost a pen pal. For now, her days of penning dozens of pointless letters are at an end. Bad news for the politician who once managed to pump out nine complaint letters in 17 days. Appearing in the Commons chamber this afternoon, Rayner quipped that with no one to send her complaints to, all her post is being returned to sender:

“As everyone knows, I love a letter, Madame Deputy Speaker. But who should I write the requests to? There’s no ethics adviser in place to hold Tory ministers to the standards of the British public and what they expect. We all know they won’t do it themselves. Under this government, madame deputy speaker, more rule breaking is just inevitable…”

Who would’ve guessed that one man’s resignation could save so many trees? 

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All the Labour Frontbenchers Ignoring Starmer’s Picket Line Ban

Since Guido’s morning story on Shadow Northern Ireland PPS Kate Osborne, more and more Labour frontbenchers are breaking rank by joining their comrades on the picket lines. Probably encouraged by the news that the Chief Whip might not bother disciplining them anyway…

Guido will keep a rolling list updated throughout the day. Here are the frontbenchers who’ve railed against Sir Keir so far…

This is an outright test of Starmer’s authority. Plenty of socialist backbenchers like Zarah Sultana are also out on the picket lines – that’s not really a surprise. The fact that even Rayner and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar are sticking their necks out – though Rayner hasn’t actually joined the picket line… yet – is a serious problem for LOTO. Stay tuned…

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Rayner Abandons Post-Amess Pledge of Kinder Politics

After Angela Rayner was filmed calling Conservatives “scum” at Labour Party conference, it took the murder of Sir David Amess to force an apology out of her. Sir David’s killing, she posted on Facebook, had caused her to reflect on “our political debate” and the “abuse that now seems to feature all too often”:

“I have also reflected on what I said at an event at Labour Party conference. I was angry about where our country is headed and policies that have made life harder for so many people I represent. But I would like to unreservedly apologise for the language I used, and I would not use it again.

I will continue to speak my mind, stand up for Labour values and hold the government to account. But in the future I will be more careful about how I do that and in the language that I choose.”

All very noble, though it seems this period of reflection and tempered emotions has come to an end. Last night the provincial left-wing paper The Northern Echo splashed with Corbynite MP Andy McDonald’s PMQs words that the PM has “blood on your filthy privileged hands”. Something Chief Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke told Guido is “grotesque”…

Despite her promise to be careful in the language she uses, Angela Rayner was quick to actively post the front page – not just retweet it – garnering 12,200 likes from followers, making sure the provocative message was spread across social media.

In private she is unrepentant about using aggressive language The more outraged they are, the more it feels like I’m doing my job”. Rayner revels in it. 

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Rent-A-Quote Rayner Loses Interest in Lebedev Row

On 12th May, Angela Rayner accused the government of a “cover-up” after they released redacted documents relating to Evgeny Lebedev’s peerage. The government had been forced to release the documents after Labour used an opposition day in the Commons to issue a humble address, a key tool of the opposition discovered during the Brexit disputes. Responding to the redaction, Rayner told the press:

“This looks like a cover-up and smells like a cover-up because it is a cover-up. If the Prime Minister is claiming he was not involved in forcing through the award of a peerage to an individual of concern to our intelligence services, he should come clean and publish the documents as parliament instructed.

“The government has not provided a single piece of information in these heavily redacted documents, failing to comply with a direct instruction from parliament. The government is once again seeking to hide in the shadows from the sunlight of scrutiny. We will take steps to rectify this contempt of parliament.

Now, however, it seems Labour we’re not really that interested after all. A letter published from Speaker Lindsay Hoyle to Michael Ellis this afternoon says the minister will be aware that members have “expressed concerns” about the redactions, however notes “no such complaints have been made”. 

He does warn the Cabinet Office that this doesn’t mean the “Government has a right to supply only the information it pleases”. Turns out Rayner wasn’t that bothered to apply the “sunlight of scrunity” after all…

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No. 10’s ‘Sexist Of The Year’ Spin

Today’s Sunday Times features a tidal wave of allegations about sexism and inappropriate behaviour in Westminster, including licking the faces of researchers, groping, sending “dick pics”, warnings over the use of prostitutes, and having “noisy sex” in parliamentary offices. Can anyone be sure these claims are levelled at separate MPs?

One story certain to begin another Lobby hunt is that a “sexist of the year” award was handed out in No. 10. Despite Angela Rayner penning yet another letter to Boris asking about the allegations, the claim has been removed from The Times’ online story, as sources close to the event in question were quick to point out when questioned. So what’s going on?

Various sources point to the claim being both correct… and incorrect. Incorrect insofar as an award specifically called ‘sexist of the year’ was not handed out. We know an award ceremony happened in December 2021, with Jack Doyle addressing up to 50 people at the party. Guido understands while there may not have been an award specifically called “sexist of the year“, a tongue-in-cheek award along similar lines was handed out. It seems the story doing the round can’t make its mind up between ‘gender equality champion’, or ‘feminist of the year’. Guido won’t give away the in-joke behind the award – it’s pretty inoffensive and doesn’t deserve to damn the recipient.

Another source says the claim of Downing Street awards was not limited to that one Christmas party, with weekly plaudits handed out for things like ‘best rebuttal’. These awards included a ‘teeny tiny cup’ given to the team that had worked hardest or performed best that week. It’ll be difficult for any hack to get a scalp over the story – both the host and awardee have since moved on…

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Full Timeline of Starmer & Angie’s Big Day Out in Durham

Given press scrutiny into Sir Keir and Angie’s party night in Durham last year is now quite rightly hotting up, Guido thought co-conspirators might like a fully-researched timeline as to what the LOTO team got up to that day. Strap in…

Early morning: Starmer begins the day campaigning in Hull

14.40: Tours Hull Fruit Market with Diane Johnson and Emma Hardy

Mid-afternoon: Starmer gets the train to Durham. A Twitter user snaps Sir Keir and posts it at 19.03.

Late-afternoon: Starmer travels to the Labour Party’s Durham offices at the Miners Hall, and records a social media video for Labour – posted the next day – alongside unmasked members of the public with no social distancing. By this time Rayner and Mary Kelly Foy have joined up with Starmer. Rayner appears in the video, once again proving her attendance at the event.

19.00: Durham Constituency Labour Party host a “Pre-election CLP QUIZ and Social”. Labour have refused to say where this was hosted, though Guido’s money is on the Labour constituency offices where Sir Keir and Angie were now enjoying a post-campaign drinks and food session. In December 2021 Sir Keir was waxing lyrical about how it was “very hard” to see how a No. 10 virtual quiz was “compliant with Coronavirus rules”

20.30: Starmer and Rayner both participate in a “Get out the vote rally!” via Zoom from the same office, for the first time confirming Rayner’s attendance well into the evening.

Late evening: Keir and Mary Foy are filmed socialising while the Labour leader swigs beer. Another empty bottle is seen on the windowsill. Guido speculates the female head at the bottom of the window frame is Angela Rayner’s. This was against campaigning law at the time, which effectively said you could only enter an indoor space to get leaflets…

April 20, 2022: Angela Rayner is asked “If Keir Starmer, had been fined for the beer and sandwiches that he had or was perhaps it was just beer. Should he have resigned?” Rayner replies “If Keir Starmer had broken the law, then Yes.”

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