Andy Burnham Criticised By School Strikers

The price politicians of all stripes will face for indulging the extremist demands of the eco loons. Give them an inch and they’ll still want a light-year…

H/t: Anna Jameson
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Friday Caption Contest (Burnham Death Star Edition)

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Burnham: Second Referendum “Fraught With Problems”

Andy Burnham squirms around trying to justify his own conflicting positions on a second referendum, coming out broadly against one. With a healthy dose of fudge…

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Andy Burnham’s Spin Doctor on Heroin & Cocaine

A spin doctor to Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has been sacked after failing to declare he was facing drugs charges. Paul Gilfeather, a media adviser to Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester was last seen in public attending the Mayor’s Christmas party in December. According to a report in the Manchester Evening News, a week after the party the 46-year-old admitted possession of heroin and cocaine. You didn’t have to be on drugs to work there…

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Andy Does a Burnham

Last week Andy Burnham’s team briefed out that he snubbed Corbyn’s visit to Manchester so he could celebrate his mayoral victory with friends. Today Andy did a Burnham and changed his mind, awkwardly meeting Corbyn on stage at Labour’s campaign launch. Classic Andy does it again…

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No Mug: Burnham Not a Fan of “Posh Coffee”

Our Andy, who only ever drinks cold Bisto, is letting those southern softies on Twitter know what he thinks about their “posh coffee”. You’d never catch Burnham drinking overpriced la-di-da beverages from a high street chain. Never. Anyway, here’s a photo he tweeted two days ago:

Liquidised chips? Or was it a Moroccan mint tea…

UPDATE: Wasn’t long ago Andy was calling for posh coffee shops to expand…

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