Andrew Pierce Missing from GMB

Viewers may have missed their Monday morning dose of Andrew Pierce on Good Morning Britain today, though fear not, as he still co-hosted his Britain’s Newsroom show on GB News this morning.  Pierce’s non-appearance in his usual ITV slot is apparently because he is “taking a two week break” and coincidentally follows Guido’s report that the Daily Mail has appointed a KC to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against the journalist. ITV has reason to be cautious in this situation. Perhaps Pierce really is taking a two week break…

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Andrew Pierce Under Investigation Over Sexual Groping Allegations

Guido has confirmed rumours circulating that the Daily Mail has appointed two barristers to lead a formal internal investigation into an allegation that Andrew Pierce (62), the paper’s consulting editor and GB News presenter, put his hand down a young journalist’s trousers in May 2022. Andrew Pierce tells Guido the allegation is “100% untrue”.

Amanda Pinto KC, a senior barrister and former Chair of the Bar Council, will lead the investigation. Meantime Andrew Pierce is working as normal.

Guido has contacted the Daily Mail for comment. 

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Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner’s Furious Clash Over Russell Brand Allegations

At the time of going to pixel, Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner are still at each other’s throats over the Russell Brand allegations published this weekend. Pierce is absolutely furious at Turner for claiming Brand is a “hero“, and is calling her invitation for Brand to appear on the pair’s GB News show “shameful“. As Guido writes this, he has just called Turner an “idiot“. Watch five minutes of fisticuffs above…

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GB News Announces New Presenters, New £60 Million Investment

GB News investors have committed to a further £60 million capital injection to accelerate its growth, with existing backers Legatum Ventures Limited and Sir Paul Marshall having bought out Discovery Inc. Co-lead investor Sir Paul says:

“This is more than a financial investment. As investors we’re proud of what GB News doing for media plurality in the UK, bringing fresh perspectives to the national conversation on issues that matter to real Britain.”

GB News CEO Angelos Frangopoulos announced new appointments:

  • Camilla Tominey joins in a new senior political presenting role, in addition to her existing position at the Telegraph.
  • Andrew Pierce joins with his own show later this year, also continuing his senior editorial position at the Daily Mail
  • Michael Portillo joins the channel’s political team and will launch his own new programme in the autumn

So far the GB News formula is beating the TalkTV formula for audience share. The financial backers seem happy…

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Mail Plus Ditches Crick

Big changes afoot over at Northcliffe House as Mail+ – the online branch of the Daily Mail definitely not to be confused with the Mail Online – makes some major changes to cut losses. Guido learns that Michael Crick has gone along with most of their video team being made redundant last month. Editor Gordon Thompson has also left, supposedly of his own accord. It is noticeable that the production of expensive original video content is being dropped at a number of digital media outlets. Clearly Lord Rothermere, like Guido, is unable to figure out how to make news-focused video content commercially viable…

The Mail mole who alerted Guido to the Mail’s de-Cricking also said that, amid rumours of a £20 million loss, Andrew Pierce and Sarah Vine are also facing the loss of their podcasts. No doubt they’ll be relieved not to do them…

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Redundancies Minus Half Staff from Mail+

The great new hope of Lord Rothermere for the digital future that is the Mail+ venture is making half its staff redundant this week. Redundancy notices have gone out, though not for his son, 26 year-old Vere Rothermere, who is finding his way in the family business at Mail+.

Readers and media commentators might be a little confused by the fierce competition between the Daily Mail’s editor Geordie Grieg, Mail Online edited by Martin Clark and Mail+, which was managed by Tristan Davies until he too got the boot a few weeks ago. They all jealously compete against each other for resources and star hacks’ time. The Mail on Sunday less so, although it too has to resentfully cough up content to to Mail Online. It was noticeable that in his prematurely boastful interview in GQ, Geordie Grieg overlooked mentioning Mail+ for some reason..

Mail+, unlike Mail Online, charged for content which was a bit more upmarket than updates about Kim Kardashian’s bottom. It doesn’t appear that people are willing to pay for it though. Sadly this means they are cutting back half their staff. Guido thought something was up when he noticed that many of their podcasts – which they gave away free – were not being updated. The politics podcast was last updated in July. Just as well nothing has happened in politics…

For a new media venture it appears to be getting little traction, despite big name stars like Andrew Pierce tweeting out daily made-for-social videos, interviews with and stories about the royals, reports from Michael Crick and content from star columnists, Mail+ has a mere 3,535 followers on Twitter. The approach isn’t working…

N.B. If you have top-notch digital audio/video production skills and are looking for work – do get in touch

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