Emily Thornberry Denies Sneering at Leave Voters

Guido will let readers predict how Thornberry would go down in Leave-voting Labour heartlands if elected party leader…

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Who’s Going to be Brillo’d Tonight?

7pm, BBC 2. You won’t want to miss this one…

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Farage Defends Strategy in the Wake of Four MEP Defectors


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Corbyn Admits £58 Billion Black Hole

Corbyn fell apart tonight in claiming that he could cover the £58 billion WASPI black hole in his spending plans with “morals”. Good intentions aren’t enough, you do need hard cash…

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Corbyn Finally Admits It: Low Paid Will Pay More Tax
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Momentum Prepare for “Truly Horrific” Corbyn/Brillo Interview

H/T to John Stevens for receiving Corbynites’ leaked plans to drown out the forthcoming 7pm Corbyn/Brillo interview, which they believe to be “truly horrific”. 

Are you sitting comfortably?…

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