Farage Defends Strategy in the Wake of Four MEP Defectors


Corbyn Admits £58 Billion Black Hole

Corbyn fell apart tonight in claiming that he could cover the £58 billion WASPI black hole in his spending plans with “morals”. Good intentions aren’t enough, you do need hard cash…

Corbyn Finally Admits It: Low Paid Will Pay More Tax

Momentum Prepare for “Truly Horrific” Corbyn/Brillo Interview

H/T to John Stevens for receiving Corbynites’ leaked plans to drown out the forthcoming 7pm Corbyn/Brillo interview, which they believe to be “truly horrific”. 

Are you sitting comfortably?…

Sturgeon Torn to Pieces Over SNP Record on Health

The SNP, which has been in power in Scotland running the Scottish NHS since 2007, was absolutely torn to pieces last night in the BBC’s Andrew Neil Interviews. The Scottish First Minister was forced to admit issue after issue in the service her party has been responsible for over twelve years. Excruciating…

Brillo vs Swinson: ‘Will You Rule Out Global Domination?’

“Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Referendum”

Gove seems confident…

Extinction Rebellion Finally Subjected to Media Scrutiny

Last night, Andrew Neil took Extinction Rebellion spokesman Zion Lights to task over her organisation’s alarmist claims and anti-scientific arguments. Lights was taken to task over the Extinction Rebellion claim that “billions of people will die over the next few decades”, eventually admitting that what they were saying did not fall within the scientific mainstream and disclosing that “unfortunately alarmist language works.”

Extraordinarily for people who use soundbites like “listen to the scientists”, Lights ended up arguing against the scientific mainstream IPCC report, attacking it as presenting “very conservative numbers… using pre-industrial levels of data.” That’s undermining 6,000 scientific references, 91 authors, representing a global consensus with review editors from 40 countries. Lights ended up sounding like the people she purports to argue against, cherry-picking one or two eccentric researchers, against the vast scientific consensus…

Extinction Rebellion continually says “listen to the experts” but their demand of net zero emissions by 2025 directly contradicts the 2050 target that the experts are recommending.

When Neil posed the reality that in order to achieve Extinction Rebellion’s six year target, all flying would have to come to an end; all cars would have to be confiscated; meat would have to be rationed by the state; and all gas boilers and cookers would have to be removed from every home; Lights did not deny it, merely responding with the platitudinous comparison “we put a man on the moon.” The entire excruciating interview is worth watching in full.

Extinction Rebellion have escaped proper scrutiny for months, despite receiving blanket news coverage. Other broadcasters and journalists should watch this interview and take note…

Was it as a result of Neil’s interview that Corbyn deleted his tweet calling for a net zero target of just 2030? He replaced it with a tweet committing to everything the previous one did, save for that extreme 2030 pledge…

The End of This Week

It was cringe-making at times, it was devastating at times, it was much loved by political obsessives and it was a ratings success. That was This Week that was. Andrew Neil long complained about the late night scheduling, which gave it a slightly alcohol glazed tinge for many viewers. All part of the charm…

Brillo Destroys New EU Leaders

As Guido readers are well aware, the new set of EU leaders thrust upon us following days of secret backroom Brussels horse-trading aren’t exactly the most illustrious bunch – from the Karen Bradley of German politics to the deeply unpleasant Spanish Foreign Minister convicted of insider trading just last year. Safe to say Andrew Neil is not impressed. The poor pro-EU journalist doesn’t stand a chance…

Andrew Neil on Independence Day

Andrew Neil was a stickler for historical accuracy on today’s PoliticsLive

“The American War of Independence, or more accurately the British Civil War of North America.”

Talk Radio to Become Talk TV

TalkRadio are showing off their shiny new studios in the shadow of the Shard. What you will notice from this clip is how well equipped they are for video, with multiple cameras, proper studio lighting and video backdrop screens. Which seems like a lot of expensive kit for a radio broadcaster. That’s because it will morph into a television broadcaster…

Sources have been telling Guido for months that Rupert Murdoch, now shorn of loss-making Sky News, is convinced that where he went wrong with the channel was that it was too middle of the road and boring. Why, he asks, did he lose £20 million-a-year with Sky News UK and make billions-a-year with Fox USA? See Murdoch-owned Sky News Australia to get an idea of the more opinionated news channel he perhaps has in mind. A more lively broadcaster would do much better than the old Sky News, especially in the age of Brexit, and TalkRadio looks very much like the prototype…

John Malone of Liberty Media features in some of the speculation, so the new station won’t just be a social media / internet-only operation, it will be a broadcast channel on digital TV. Sources say they are looking for a heavyweight anchor and are willing to pay big money to secure the right person to bring the channel credibility. Coincidentally Andrew Neil becomes available after the summer…

Marr Was A Trotskyite Paper Seller

“I knew Andrew Marr when he was a Trotskyite selling Trotskyite newspapers to bewildered railywaymen” says George Galloway in a critique of modern television interviewing and Marr’s ill judged attempt at a Farage “gotcha” interview last Sunday. Worth watching in full for his appraisal of the state of the game in the week Brian Walden passed…

Brillo v Shapiro – Full 10 Minute Unedited Interview

Brillo’s defenestration of Shapiro was beautiful. A practical demonstration of the case against no-platforming…[…] Read the rest


Burgon: Video Shows He Lied

Awkward questions for Richard Burgon to answer. He repeatedly denied to Andrew Neil saying that “Zionism is the enemy of peace” and said over and over that he wouldn’t have said that because it’s not his view. Here he is expressing his view that “Zionism is the enemy of peace”.[…] Read the rest


Andrew Neil, Portillo, and Kendall all Dance for Brexit

Last night on Andrew Neil entirely seriously informed the This Week audience that that he and the show’s guests will be participating in a ‘Brexit Danceathon’ – not stopping until Britain has left the EU. Guido fears that they may be dancing long after This Week has ended as a show…[…] Read the rest


Andrew Neil Nails It On Churchill as BBC Announce End of This Week

This Week began with an opening monologue from Andrew Neil that set the record straight on Churchill after the nonsense spoken about him over the last few weeks. A timely refresher that all politicians should watch…

UPDATE: It emerged overnight that the BBC is scrapping This Week after 16 years with Andrew Neil stepping down from late night presenting.[…] Read the rest


Brillo Tears Apart Ken Livingstone on Venezuela

Ken Livingstone made the brave choice of going on This Week to make a film explaining why “my friend Hugo Chavez” wasn’t responsible for the economic misery that has been wrought upon Venezuela and it’s all America’s fault instead.[…] Read the rest


Owen Jones Scraps With Andrew Neil

Things got personal last night on the This Week sofa when Owen Jones, who was appearing on the show to talk about the threat poised by the British far right, went for Andrew Neil over his role as Chairman of the Spectator.[…] Read the rest


What Did Andrew Neil Get Up To Last Night?

Andrew Neil revealed least night that he had received a surprising request to rap Nicki Minaj’s Starships at this year’s Royal Variety Performance. MC Neil is no stranger to musical performance, best known for his 2010 hit single Election Day.[…] Read the rest


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