Former Transport Minister Caught Driving Illegally

Tory MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough and former transport minister Andrew Jones has been caught driving his Jaguar XE with an expired MOT. A co-conspirator sent Guido photos of Jones’ car being driven around Harrogate on 12th November, a full 6 weeks after the MOT expired on 3rd October. Some like to live dangerously…

Jones said he was “grateful” for the reminder when Guido got in touch. He responded saying:

“I am grateful to the anonymous individual who reminded me via the media that my car’s MOT has expired. It is currently in my garage as this week I took the train to London as I like to do when diary commitments allow.

“I’m quite embarrassed by my oversight. The car is booked in for its MOT and all the relevant authorities informed and reassured accordingly.

“It is odd and slightly disconcerting to know that I am being covertly photographed by an anonymous individual who sends these photos to the media under a pseudonym. This is not the first correspondence I and others have received from a person using this pseudonym. Previously they have sent me information about a political opponent (whom I informed of the communication) and also sent my office insinuations about a councillor even going as far as including a photograph of their home.

“Despite this strange behaviour, I remain grateful that I have been reminded about my MOT.”

Glad to be of service…

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