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Alex Salmond Indicted for Attempted Rape & Sexual Assault

Alex Salmond has just appeared in court charged with 14 sexual assault cases against 10 women between 2008 and 2014.

The full list of charges include:

  • 1 sexual assault with intent to rape
  • 1 attempted rape
  • 10 charges of sexual assault
  • 2 of indecent assault

Including one allegation of pinning a woman’s head against a wall inside Bute House, laying naked on top of her and attempting rape; other alleged locations include the Scottish Parliament and Stirling Castle.

He denies the charges.

In Full: The Staggering List Of Charges Against Salmond

Salmond has refuted all “allegations of criminality.” There are fourteen separate charges, including two of attempted rape.

Salmond Speaks: I Am Innocent

Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, who was arrested by police and charged earlier today, has spoken on the steps of the court. He claimed that he is “innocent of any criminality whatsoever”  and that he stands to “refute absolutely these allegations of criminality.” He said that due to live criminal proceedings, he couldn’t take any questions…

Alex Salmond Arrested

Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond has been arrested by police and charged, with a report sent to the procurator fiscal. He is due to appear in court in Edinburgh later today. Sky News are reporting that proceedings are now live under the Contempt of Court Act. There have been no indications so far as to whether it is related to the ongoing sexual harassment investigation against him. Developing…

Salmond Wins Sexual Harassment Case Against Scottish Government

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has won his judicial review against the Scottish Government over its handling of the sexual misconduct allegations against him. The Court of Session ruled that the Scottish Government’s decisions regarding the case had been “unlawful”, with the Scottish Government admitting that appointing an investigating office who had “prior involvement” in the case had been a breach of their guidelines. Salmond is not off the hook yet, the separate police probe into him is still ongoing…

Alex Salmond Reported To Police Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Alex Salmond had been reported to police over allegations he sexually assaulted two staff members whilst First Minister, with one incident allegedly occurring inside the First Minister’s official residence.

In a statement posted on twitter, the Russia Today presenter and former First Minister of the Scottish Government alleged that that he was “unlawfully” being subject to a complaints procedure that had been introduced “more than three years after I left office”. Consequently he is suing the Scottish Government conveniently meaning he is “bound to say nothing which would impinge on the Court proceedings”. He has rejected all the complaints against him, calling some “patently ridiculous”. His legal strategy seeks to to avoid the actual allegations being tested in open court…


Salmond Shows He’s Still the Thirst Minister

Nicola Sturgeon said the “eyes of the world” would be on Scotland as she launched her war on Scotland’s drinkers with a minimum alcohol pricing law that came into force in May. She will be wishing the eyes of the world weren’t on her predecessor Alex Salmond after he was pictured rolling around on the floor of a Virgin Trains First Class carriage earlier this week. Did he catch the Buckfast service?

He insists not, and says he was just looking for his phone under the seat. As Salmond himself said at the time the ban came in: “I don’t campaign for these things because I think it’s a grand idea that people get tanked up before they out out on a night out and cause mayhem in the streets and villages and communities of our country.” Will Sturgeon be reeling Salmond in or just leave him to flounder around?

Ofcom Probing Salmond For Peddling Fake News

Ofcom has launched a probe into Alex Salmond’s new Russia Today show. The regulator will look into a series of tweets Salmond read out on his programme which were presented as comments from the public but turned out to be from fabricated or planted sources, as Guido reported at the time. One was sent from an account owned by an RT producer. An Ofcom spokeswoman said:

“We are investigating whether this programme breached our rules on due accuracy.”


Teething Problems for Alex Salmond’s RT Show

Alex Salmond’s new RT show is suffering teething problems after it emerged that tweets read out on the programme were posted by a variety of dubious accounts, at least one of which is controlled by the show’s producers. Salmond said he had received an “avalanche” of tweets, but:

  • A tweet asking “so why RT?” was first up, which the show claimed was sent in by @ellalorenR. No @ellalorenR account exists…
  • The question “if you were Prime Minister would you stop Brexit?” was sent by @thegodfather12. This account, set up in 2009, has never tweeted before…
  • @admrobrts asked “What does Slainte mean?”, regarding Salmond’s production company Slainte Media. Twitter shows it was posted at 11.08AM, more than three hours after it had been read out on the pre-recorded show…
  • Finally, @lastjohn asked “When are you getting President Trump on your show?”@lastjohn is the private account of Luisa St John, an RT employee who appears in the credits as “Series Director”…

Good start…

Salmond: If Russia Today Is Good Enough For Corbyn, It’s Good Enough For Me

Alex Salmond has defended his new show on Russia Today by noting that Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott have all appeared on and supported the Putin propaganda channel. Remember when Jezza told his followers to “try Russia Today”

First guest on Salmond’s show is Tory MP Crispin Blunt, which makes sense given his dubious foreign policy views…

Salmond and Tasmina’s Boozy City Break

The Daily Mail has a great hit on the extra-curricular activities of Alex Salmond and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. They’ve been caught on a three day jolly to Strasbourg enjoying “three-and-a-half-hour lavish booze-fuelled dinners” at a Michelin star restaurant. Guess who is picking up the tab? The Mail reports “Mrs Ahmed-Sheikh is a regular presence at Mr Salmond’s side”. These pics were taken close to the hotel where Salmond and Tasmina were staying:

Och aye the two…

Salmond Out

Salmond Campaigning Hard

All that campaigning clearly getting the better of Alex Salmond. A well-earned kip on the flight home after a glass of his favourite pink bubbly…[…] Read the rest


Brillo v Salmond

[…] Read the rest


Salmond Quotes Cher On ISIS and Trump


Alex Salmond’s LBC show tonight was rather more interesting than last week, if only because he quoted Cher. The former SNP leader singled out for particular praise one tweet from the singer arguing that Donald Trump couldn’t face ISIS:

[…] Read the rest


Alex Salmond Reads “Mean Tweets”

To herald Alex Salmond’s joining of the Iain Dale’s show on LBC (Wednesday afternoons starting next week) the station has released this video.

Salmond* plays to type…

*Salmond actually paid up on his bet with The Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh on oil prices – the former Oil Economist for RBS predicted the oil price would be above $50 at year end.[…] Read the rest


Trump: Salmond a “Totally Irrelevant Has-Been”

This morning Alex Salmond described Donald Trump as a “three time loser” and blasted his attempt to stop an offshore wind turbine from being built off his golf course in Aberdeen. Trump has hit back in spectacular fashion:

“Does anyone care what this man thinks?

[…] Read the rest


Salmond: ‘Tony Benn Would Be Birling In His Grave’

Good to see Alex Salmond has handled Hilary Benn’s speech with his usual good grace and sensitivity. He told LBC:

“His father, whose speech I heard in the Iraq debate all these years ago, would be birling in his grave hearing a speech in favour of a Tory prime minister wanting to take the country to war and that’s just a reality.”

[…] Read the rest


Salmond Misses Syria Debate to Unveil Portrait of Himself

One notable absentee during the Syria debate in the Commons today: the SNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesman at Westminster was nowhere to be seen. Surely rumours that Alex Salmond missed the PM make the case for war because he wanted to unveil a portrait of himself in Scotland were just nasty unionist smears?[…] Read the rest


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