Amol Rajan Rules Himself Out for BBC Political Editor

The race for arguably the most influential media role in British politics is hotting up as we get towards the April deadline. External interviews were held last week and now the internal interviews are starting for the position of the BBC’s political editor. Despite the bookies having him as a front runner, Guido understands Amol Rajan has not applied for the position…

Surprisingly, given he has no broadcasting experience, the FT’s Sebastian Payne (50/1) fancies himself for the role and does not deny having applied. He also has, Jess Brammar style, deleted hundreds of tweets this weekend – as did Pippa Crerar last week. Is this the “tell” that reveals you have applied to Portland Place, or are they pulling Twitter’s leg?

Guido thinks if the Mirror’s Pippa Crerar were to become the BBC’s political editor, Nadine Dorries would present a government Bill to privatise the BBC the next day.  It is noteable that Sky’s Sam Coates is refusing to be drawn on the issue and when Guido asked him point blank if he’d applied, he would only say “If you don’t mind, I’m going to stay out of it all.” Which is not exactly a Heseltinian denial.

Canvassing Coates’ Lobby rivals, most think he is a serious and strong possibility for the role, though they think the fact he is a middle class, white heterosexual male might be held against him. Paul Brand doesn’t have all those drawbacks, though given he has been built up by ITV executives as their new star, it would be ungrateful for him to switch channels off the back of his partygate scoops. Newsnight’s Nick Watt shouldn’t be forgotten, though like Sam Coates he too unfortunately is a middle class, white heterosexual male. Alex Forsyth, a BBC internal candidate, remains the favourite at the bookies

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Bookies Make Alex Forsyth Hot Favourite for Next BBC Political Editor

The betting markets were thrown into chaos yesterday afternoon as Jon Sopel announced he was quitting the BBC to launch a new Global podcast with Emily Maitlis. Sopel had been in the lead ever since Vicky Young formally ruled herself out as a contender back in January – despite Guido’s top advice that a punt on Alex Forsyth would be a good move.

Forsyth has now taken a big lead in the race, with a 27% chance of nabbing the job versus Faisal Islam’s 9%. Amol Rajan and Sam Coates trail way behind on 4.4% and 1.3% respectively. Guido wonders if a surprise outsider could be on the cards? Applications closed on the 10th – can’t be long to wait now…

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Vicki Young Won’t Replace Laura Kuenssberg

Vicki Young has this evening confirmed the rumour that she has not applied to replace Laura Kuenssberg as the BBC’s Political Editor.

Despite being favourite and tipped by Andrew Marr no less – “I think Vicki Young, the current deputy political editor should get it, I think she would be brilliant, she is a real talent and it would be great to see her in the job” – she has decided not to go for one of the highest pressure jobs in political reporting.

Guido has put a few quid on Alex Forsyth, currently the BBC’s Political Correspondent. She’s the front running woman at 10/1 at the bookies. Worth a flutter…

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