MPs Stopped “Non-Urgent” Work Out of Respect for the Queen

The Queen’s passing led many across the country to suspend their duties as a mark of respect over the weekend: the Met Office stopped reporting the weather, the football was called off, and the Bank of England delayed its decision on interest rates for a week, Norwich council have stopped residents locking up their bikes, and Wetherspoons has reportedly stopped selling condoms in its loos*. All as Her Majesty would have wanted.

A few MPs are also throwing themselves into a period of mourning. Both Victoria Atkins and Alex Davies-Jones closed their offices on Friday. “Out of respect” for the sovereign…

Alex Davies-Jones made the move first, writing on Facebook:

“Due to the very sad death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as a mark of respect my constituency office will be closed until further notice […] My staff will continue to deal with urgent casework at this sad time. However, for matters that can wait and queries on policy there will be a short delay whilst we mourn the loss of our beloved monarch.”
Shortly after, Victoria Atkins decided that was a good idea as well:

“At this time, out of respect for Her Majesty The Queen, I have paused in responding to non-urgent correspondence.”

This morning Davies-Jones clarified that her constituency office had only closed on Friday out of respect for HM The Queen’s sad passing“, and is now open. If you’re a constituent of Victoria Atkins and you haven’t heard from her since Friday, though, you can probably assume your problems have been sent to the “non-urgent” pile. Presumably neither MP will be forgoing last Friday’s salary as a similar mark of respect…

*Guido remains sceptical about the truthfulness of this tweet…

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Labour in Hot Flush After Member Suspended for Saying “Only Women Experience the Menopause”

Yesterday it emerged the Labour Party had suspended the membership of Gil House pending investigation for allegedly engaging in prejudicial conduct that was “grossly detrimental to the party”. Gil’s crime? Insisting that “only women experience the menopause”. 

Yet just last month, seven Labour Party MPs made very similar statements during the World Menopause Month debate. Throughout the discussion Carolyn Harris, Judith Cummins, Tonia Antoniazzi, Jessica Morden, Alex Davies-Jones, Dr. Rosena Allin-Khan, and Karin Smith made clear that the menopause is an issue unique to women. Who knew that their remarks were so controversial? 

This utterly bonkers row is causing huge internal upset. One embarrassed Labour source blasted the party’s position on Trans issues stating:

“UK Labour rules, unlike the actual law, are based on gender and not sex – therefore they go behind the law, or as they would like the law, just like Stonewall does.”

Gil House, a loyal Labour Party member who was planning to stand as a councillor, has now resigned from the party.

In the hour long debate the Labour MPs failed to reference the trans community once. Instead Alex Davies-Jones insisted that “the menopause is an entirely natural biological process and Carolyn Harris pointed out that “the menopause is something that every woman will experience at some point in her lifetime”. Guido worries that their statement of biological facts means they are Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) in the eyes of the party activists who reported Gil House. Is the Labour Party going to suspend these seven MPs for prejudicial conduct?

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