Verhofstadt Accidentally Attacks Remainers for Seeking EU Citizenship

Increasingly deranged empire-loving Remainer, Guy Verhofstadt, turned fire against his own side today, blinded by his hate for the Tories. 

Taking to Twitter, Guy linked to a Reuters article about Brits leaving Brexit Britain for the EU and ranted:

Conservative party donors, backing Brexit but at the same time seeking EU citizenship via Cyprus. Pardon my French but ordinary British citizens are being screwed over by their elite.”

The article references Tory donors Alan Howard and Jeremy Isaacs who have applied for Cypriot citizenship. If Verhofstadt had continued reading the piece, however, he would have spotted Howard is a long-time pro-EU donor, having given £50,000 to The In Campaign. Isaacs also donated £10,000 to Chuka Umunna in September. This isn’t how you win over supporters of the EU cause, Guy…

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