Labour’s Whip Undecided on Sanctions for Picketing PPSs

Labour’s Chief Whip, Alan Campbell, will only decide after Saturday’s strike action what, if any, disciplinary action he will take against members of Labour’s frontbench team who defy Starmer’s instructions not to picket today. As per Guido’s morning story, at least two shadow PPSs have already broken the edict, as well as the constituency Labour Party of the Shadow Transport Secretary herself. It’s seemingly not just the rail unions and Labour’s chief whip on strike today; credit to PoliticsHome for getting this line – Guido asked Labour’s press office the exact same question two and a half hours ago to blanket silence…

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Speaker Lobbied Over Alan Campbell’s Disorderly Conduct

Following this morning’s story revealing Labour whip Alan Campbell loudly voted “NO!” by acclamation and then yes by division in last night’s provocative opposition day motions, Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has raised the matter with the Speaker’s office. It is against Parliamentary rules to shout one way and vote the other. As Hunt says in his letter, “This conduct is disorderly and I think it should be addressed.”…

Hunt references paragraph 20.61 of Erskine May, which notes of MPs that “if their voices and their votes should be at variance, the voice will bind the vote.” Alan Campbell’s voice can clearly be heard in the acclamation vote, and Guido has corroborated the fact that he did shout “NO” with multiple witnesses. By the rules of the House, Campbell’s vote should be changed from Aye to No…

While the non-political public will find this procedural wrangling a dull process story, it should result in a Labour Whip being the only recorded vote against. Which will be a funny backfiring of the stunt.

Read the letter in full below:

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Labour MPs Made Up Only Parliamentary Opposition to Labour Motion

Labour went hard last night attacking Tory MPs for not backing their non-binding motions on universal credit and education support, despite both motions passing with no opposition from Conservative MPs. In order to force a division and score social media points, Labour submitted two of its own MPs to be Tellers for the Noes, and had whips vote No by acclamation. Meaning that Labour MPs pretended to vote against their own motion by acclamation, only to then abstain or vote for it in the division.

This led to the bizarre situation whereby an uncontentious matter went to a division. Divisions are ordinarily only called if there’s dissent. Multiple co-conspirators have confirmed to Guido the names of the Labour MPs who shouted “NO”, manufacturing dissent and forcing the division. Two shadow ministers and the Opposition Deputy Chief Whip…

  • Gill Furniss
  • John Spellar
  • Alan Campbell

Whilst not a single Tory MP even briefly voted against the motions last night, three Labour MPs did.

Labour MPs are technically within the rules when shouting No, however Erskine May makes clear, there are rules on “voice and vote”. Whilst MPs can shout and then not vote, they cannot shout one way and vote another. Neither Gill Furniss nor John Spellar voted for either motion, so they are in the clear. Whip Alan Campbell, however, voted for Labour’s motion in the division despite having voted against it by acclamation. That is disorderly.

Deputy Speaker (and former Labour Chief Whip) Rosie Winterton, however, who presided over the first vote, claimed she did not see anything disorderly. One Tory MP tells Guido “Once a Labour chief whip, always a Labour chief whip”Tory Chairman Amanda Milling said “If you wanted evidence that Labour were playing games this proves it”. 

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Corbynistas Proposing ‘Name-Blind’ Jobs Have Sons and Daughters on Payroll

Earlier this week Jeremy Corbyn announced Labour would consult on name-blind recruitment practices to prevent discrimination during job applications. It would be a bit of a problem for Corbyn’s deputy chief whip Alan Campbell, who has managed to get both his son and his daughter on the public payroll. Alan hired young James Campbell as an administrative officer last year, and the year before had Emily Campbell on board as a parliamentary assistant. Would they have passed a name-blind recruitment process?

The policy would cause problems for other Corbynistas such as Ronnie Campbell, who employs his wife Deidre, Fabian Hamilton, who employs his wife Rosemary, Ian Lavery, who employs his wife Hilary, Grahame Morris, who employs his wife Michelle, Kate Osamor, who employs her son Ish, Yasmin Qureshi, who employs her husband Nadeem, Valerie Vaz, who employs her husband Paul, and of course Jezza himself, whose son Seb works for John McDonnell. Are name-blind job applications really a good idea for the Corbynista nepotists? 

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