Corbyn and Labour MPs Host MEND in Parliament

In all the Fallon excitement, Corbyn should not be allowed to get away with his attendance at the MEND event in parliament last night. There’s no two ways about it, MEND is an extremist-linked group whose senior figures have praised Al-Qaeda, attended speeches by al-Qaeda hate preachers, and justified the murder of British troops. Last week the respected Henry Jackson Society think tank dubbed MEND “Islamists posing as civil libertarians”. Tory MPs pulled out of last night’s event when details of MEND’s extremist links were published in the media over the weekend. Yet still Corbyn agreed to be the keynote speaker. Labour MPs Wes Streeting, Stephen Kinnock, Naz Shah, Kate Green and Afzal Khan all attended. Corbyn’s face is now proudly splashed across MEND’s Twitter page.

MEND is a seriously nasty group. Jez and the Labour MPs who attended will have seen the reports about them over the weekend. And they still turned up. It’ll be missed as sleaze takes centre stage, but this is grim stuff from Labour…

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Tories Accuse Labour Gorton Candidate of “Anti-Semitism”

Tory MP Mike Freer gets in touch following Guido’s revelations on Labour’s Manchester Gorton candidate Afzal Khan. Freer says:

“It appears to be becoming clear that anti-Semitism spreads the width and breadth of the Labour party. Yet again they are showing just how out of touch they are with the values of ordinary working people.”

Meanwhile, remember how a Labour council candidate in Birmingham Hall Green was suspended by the party for anti-Semitism? Unbelievably, her Tory opponent in the same seat has now also been suspended for anti-Semitic tweets. Obaid Khan seems like a charmer:

What on earth is going on in Birmingham?

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Labour Gorton Candidate Accused Israel of “Genocide”

Labour’s candidate in the Gorton by-election accused Israel of “genocide” in a vitriolic rant revealed in a secret recording obtained by Guido. The bombshell tape shows Afzal Khan giving an angry speech at an anti-Iraq war rally, in which he says Israel has “been committing genocide against the Palestinian people” and claims this is a “far more pressing issue” than Saddam:

“There is a very real suspicion of President Bush, his motives for this war. He talks about weapons of mass destruction. I ask you, is it only Iraq who have these weapons?… What about America who even use the nuclear weapons? What right does America have? And what about the chemical weapons… it’s America who used it… And what about that man of peace Ariel Sharon? Who makes mockery of the word peace. Who’s been committing genocide against the Palestinian people. What about him? Of course we need to deal with Saddam, but far more pressing issue is the problem of Palestine.”

Khan made the inflammatory comments at an anti-Iraq war rally in 2002. In a statement to Guido he apologises and says he has changed his ways:

“I’m deeply sorry for my use of language 15 years ago and I strongly support a two state solution between Israel and Palestine.”

Labour members have been suspended for saying similar…

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Labour Gorton Candidate Linked to Anti-Semitic Radical Islamist

Afzal Khan, Labour’s candidate in the Manchester Gorton by-election, is an associate of a radical Islamist who has supported the Taliban, ranted about Jews, defended Osama bin Laden and led funeral prayers for al-Qaeda jihadists. On 22 August 2015, Khan was photographed smiling alongside Siraj ul-Haq from the Pakistani Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami at a UK Islamic Mission event in Manchester.

Back in 2000 ul-Haq reportedly urged the Taliban not to hand over Osama bin Laden to the United States, offering them the support of his party. This is a news report from the time:

“Jamaat-e-Islami has urged Afghanistan’s Taliban not to hand over Saudi national Osama bin Laden to the United States or any other country. The demand was made by Jamaat-e-Islami provincial Secretary General Sirajul Haq in a meeting with the acting Governor of Eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar Maulvi Sadr-e-Azam… Sirajul Haq assured every kind of help and support to the Taliban on behalf of the Jamaat.”

In 2010 Ul-Haq was quoted ranting about “the Jews”:

“The Jews and Christians can not defeat and defame Islam by their hollow threats but they are testing our pulses through sensational announcements across the globe.”

In 2015 Pakistani media quoted ul-Haq peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including that “Blasphemy is a Zionist plot to disturb peace… Blasphemy should be declared a crime globally and stringent laws should be made in this regard”. 

According to a BBC report from 2006, ul-Haq led funeral prayers for 80 alleged Taliban and al-Qaeda militants killed in a bombing raid on a Madrasa in Pakistan. Haq has also opposed Pakistan’s Women’s Protection Act, a law aiming to protect female victims of violence.

Afzal Khan tells Guido in a statement:

“I spend a lot of my time going to community events, meeting people of all faiths, from a broad range of backgrounds. This was one of those events. I do not condone or endorse the views of Siraj-ul-Haq.”

Guido’s Labour Party vetting unit will have more on their extremist-linked Gorton candidate soon…

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Jim Fixes It For Afzal to Be Next Gorton MP

Afzal Khan, who tweeted comparing Israel to Nazis and is a fan of Ayatollah Khomeini, has won Labour’s selection in Gorton. He beat the Momentum candidate Yasmine Dar in the final round last night. Keith Vaz arranged an all-Asian shortlist of which Khan was always going to be the overwhelming favourite – he’s been sniffing around Gerald Kaufman’s seat for years…

As events were unfolding yesterday, Khan was busy deleting all of his previous tweets, which included various attacks on Israel. He’s cannier than Gareth Snell, you’ve gotta give him that…

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Three Labour Gorton Candidates Attended Khomeinist Rallies

Three out of the five candidates on Labour’s final shortlist in Manchester Gorton have attended Khomeinist rallies backing the Iranian regime, Guido can reveal. Afzal Khan and Yasmine Dar spoke last month at a rally held to celebrate the “38th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran“. The event took place in the Manchester Islamic Centre in a room adorned with giant Iranian flags and a banner emblazoned with the face of Ayatollah Khomeini…

A video shot during the rally appears to show the room was at least partially segregated, with women and children sitting at the back:

Khan and Dar shared the platform with controversial economist Professor Rodney Shakespeare who has previously described Britain and the US as “countries controlled by Zionism”. In a 2012 interview with Iran Review – conducted by a journalist from Iranian state broadcaster Press TV – Shakespeare said:

“All Western foreign policy is highly influenced, or controlled, by Zionism… countries [are] controlled by Zionism e.g., the USA and the UK… The UN and Security Council are essentially controlled by the USA and its cronies all of whose foreign policy is controlled by Zionism. All the American intelligence agencies, MI6 and even Mossad know that Iran is not building a bomb but there are Zionist cliques in the governments and these cliques are determined to keep the nuclear fears continuing as they try to organise an attack on Iran.”

Last month Shakespeare told Press TV:

“The UK is supporting Saudi Arabia’s regime as part of supporting what is going to be a coming war in the Middle East, essentially to forward the interests of the Zionist Israel… UK politics is controlled by Zionism.”

Gorton candidate Afzal Khan said at the rally:

“It’s a pleasure to be here, I was a young man when the revolution actually happened, one of those who was excited… almost everything has been thrown towards Iran, even the kitchen sink, but what we’ve seen is that despite this long period, despite all these different challenges, that Iran has systematically been moving forward, getting stronger… may Allah bless Iran…” 

Fellow candidate Yasmine Dar said in her speech:

“It’s an absolute honour… honourable guests here today thank you so much for this opportunity… we’re here for a celebration, a happy time, 38 years of the Iranian Islamic revolution so I’m absolutely happy, it’s the third year that I’ve been coming… I keep it in my diary and make sure that I’m here… I feel I am absolutely proud when I hear the stories about Iran was based on diplomacy…”

A third name on the Gorton shortlist, Nasrin Ali, has attended a similar rally in the past. A tweet from her personal twitter account – now deleted – shows her “at the celebration if [sic] the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran“. Afzal Khan and Yasmine Dar are also listed as attending…

Quite remarkable: three out of five Gorton candidates openly back the Iranian regime and its Islamic revolution…

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