Google Executive Boasted of Blocking Conservative Party Advertising

A London-based Google advertising sales executive, Adriano Amaduzzi, boasted he had declined to respond to the Conservative Party while being filmed by an investigation by American investigative journalism organisation Project Veritas. Undercover footage revealed technical account manager Amaduzzi, boasted of ignoring requests to do business from the Conservative Party, because he was opposed to Brexit. Video footage revealed Amaduzzi saying:

“Funny enough about Brexit, I had a guy, linked to, me, for no reason –, I don’t know why, contacted me from LinkedIn and say: ‘Hi I’m head of digital infrastructure of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, we would like to do advertising with Google, could you help me with that?’ I was like—I didn’t answer”

“You’re telling an Italian that lives in London that you want to advertise Brexit. It’s like, seriously?”

Despite obvious Big Tech hostility the Tories went on to win an 80 seat majority. How much bigger would it have been had the tech giants not been hostile?

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