Don’t Buy Councillor’s Used Car Story

BBC Leicester followed up our story from yesterday about the untaxed, uninsured, MOT test-failing car he parked on the kerb by Adam Clarke, the Leicester deputy mayor responsible for transport. He spun them a tall tale…

The shifty councillor told the BBC he booked the car in to a local garage upon receipt of a late “reminder” some six months after his due test date. He claimed there had “clearly” been a mix-up with dates on the part of the dealership. Implausible. Not only would he have received reminders from the dealer, he would have also got incessant, aggressive reminders from the DVLA about the car being untaxed since May. He says he’s sorry he got caught.

Text sent by Guido to Adam Clarke the day before he got MOT test only six months late.

The truth Adam Clarke only got the MOT done the day after Guido contacted him. Is anyone buying his used car story off him?

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Untaxed, Uninsured, Illegally Parked, that’s Leicester Councillor Responsible for Transport’s Car

This car belonging to Adam Clarke, the Deputy Mayor of Leicester, was parked illegally on the kerb on Monday – the picture was sent to Guido by a concerned resident. When we were looking into it we discovered it didn’t have an MOT certificate and was also untaxed, consequently uninsured according to the DVLA. Local sources tell me they have seen the shifty councillor driving around Leicester in the car. On the council, the deputy mayor has the responsibility for the transport portfolio locally. Is this responsible?

Guido called and texted Adam Clarke for an explanation on Tuesday, none was forthcoming, so we asked local MP Andrew Bridgen what he thought:

Whether it’s the Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby and his lockdown-breaking antics or the deputy Mayor Adam Clarke (responsible for transport) who is driving without tax and insurance. Surely the people of Leicester deserve better than this? Perhaps it’s a matter for the Labour Police & Crime commissioner to take up? Don’t hold your breath.

Leicester really is a rotten borough…

UPDATE:  A records check just now shows he got an MOT on Wednesday, the day after Guido called him.

What a coincidence…

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